Wednesday, October 19, 2005


You Have A Type A- Personality

You are one of the most balanced people aroundMotivated and focused, you are good at getting what you wantYou rule at success, but success doesn't rule you.
When it's playtime, you really know how to kick backWhether it's hanging out with friends or doing something you love!You live life to the fullest - encorporating the best of both worlds

Do You Have a Type A Personality?

Tomorrow is my second nursing test.... Im going nuts.... cant study no more....

Friday, October 14, 2005

Some cute little things...

Its fun to be planning a wedding. It is in the future, but it is good to start early, and that is what we are doing. Some of the pictures are just little favors I've found that just are too cute. I'm going to go look at a location today with my mom that would host the reception. Around here.. there really aren't too many great places to go unless I want the reception in a hotel and I don't really think I want that.

Other than that.. I think Im going back to bed. Rick and I stayed up late watching HBO *haha they show some serious stuff past 11* and then I woke up with him around 6:30 for work. Rock on.

Friday, October 07, 2005

It's official......

Rick and I have set our wedding date :)

OCTOBER 13, 2007

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Dear God.

Yeah, its been awhile. I know.

I gave Charlies my 2 weeks notice yesterday. It makes me pretty sad to do it, but working at the nursing home gives me a lot of experience, which I need, and they pay better. I bet they are upset to be losing me because I'm *wonderful* but what can you do, I hope they didn't think I planned on working there the rest of my life, thats a hell no. Starting the 24th I am working Monday-Weds 3-8 and every other Saturday 3-8. Lovely. I am hoping that this will get some of my stress to go away, only one job.

School is going well. On my first nursing exam I got a 90!!! :) and my nursing math test today I got a 100. Its flippin sweeeet if you ask me! Please God let me get good grades!! haha :) Class is hard, I'm reading over 1000 pages of material a week and am spending my days off from school in the open lab trying to get everything done. I am having my first lab eval on Weds.

2 weeks ago I was in the ER with a bacterial pneumonia, kick ass huh? Yeah, it sucked. I was out of school and work for about a week and was on this horrible med that really beat me up. I am okay now, so thats good. My grandfather almost passed away 2 weeks ago. He went in to the hospital and had emergency surgery and they didn't think he was going to make it, but he did. He is still there right now and is stable, just not stable enough to go home.

What else. lets see. Rick and I are doing fine, we had our 3 year anniversary last month and are now seriously sitting down to discuss *The date* Thats right people, the day we will be married. He graduates next December most likely and I will be graduating in that following May.. and it is about time we plan a date and git-r-done!! :) We are thinking October.. but we arent sure yet. Right now I am watching the foliage to get an idea of when the best time the colors are at their peak.

Thats about it for now.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Talk about..

a long time.

Been almost a month since my last post so let me update you on whats been going on.

Last week I quit the nursing home because they would not work around my hours, but they called me back and now I am working there. Haha. Its okay though, I missed a lot of the residents and I actually dont mind the job, its just hard to manage both school and 2 jobs. This past week I worked over 30 hours and I went to over 30 hours of school. Talk about a burn out week!! Im taking Nur 101 and Eng 102, which is an online course so that is saving me some time and some gas money for sure!!! Nursing seems okay for right now, our first test is next Monday. We have so much reading but what can you do, its a harder class I guess.

Before school started Rick and I went to the Windsor Fair and the Air Show *lovely pics* and had a good time. I want to do stuff with him because now with school I hardly see him at all. It feels like we are getting distanced... which is a scary feeling... but it happens with school and work every year. Im hoping this will go away though.

Well, Im going to help Rick with some homework and then maybe do some stuff around here before bed. Tomorrow starts another week of hell.. and to think, today was my only day off. Blah

Monday, August 29, 2005

God Bless Armand

I can't believe that the fall semester for Rick and I begins in exactly one week from today. It is complete madness. Im excited to get it started though, I have a good feeling about the semester to come! Im taking NUR 101 - Foundations of Nursing, and English 2... wooo. Everyones like, you are only taking two classes? But, NUR 101 is 9 credits.. so its going to be one hell of a hard class. I've already started to read a novel that we need to read for the english class.. Im starting early I tell you!!!

Lets see whats been going on. Last weekend Tyler, Alicia, Jen, Josh, Rick, Matt, and I went to Nashua New Hampshire. We went to Hooters and the mall. It was an okay day, nothing amazing though. In the restaurant everyone was like chain smoking and it made me sooooooooooo sick to my stomach. After that, my day wasnt too pleasant but what can you do? I guess Im just not used to people smoking like that!

I've been working a lot... and last week Kirstans grandmother passed away. She was at the nursing home that I worked at. The day she passed I spent about 2 or so hours with her in her room just talking and whatnot.. I made sure she ate a little something. The next morning at 6:30 when I got into work I saw that she had passed the prior night at 9:30. I sat with her the day she passed. It was a bit eerie at first but then I thought about it. This is one of my best friends grandmothers, and she deserves a bit of time with someone. She was nothing but pleasant and was talking to me very coherantly. It was an honor to spend some of her last hours with her. Today Courtney and I met up with Bethany at her funeral. It was a nice service. I was doing alright through the whole thing but then I saw Armand, Kirstans grandfather, and I broke out. I could not hold it in. He is probably one of the sweetest men I have ever met, he cares about so many people.. and it was hard to see him in pain like this. Him and Polly had been married for 57 years.... it is a remarkable love story that one can only wish comes true.... We followed the family to the cemetary and when I walked in Armand saw me for the first time and he grabbed my hand and hes like " Theres my Jill, theres my Jill" I started crying... but it warmed my heart because everytime I saw him at the nursing home I would always tell him how she was doing and that I was spending lots of one on one time with her. God Bless Armand.. and his whole family. Kirstan and Tawnia.... I love you both and I know that its difficult.. but I am here whenever you may need me. Rest in peace Polly.

Other than that.. not to much is going on. I am now a CNA :) Woo. I go from getting paid 6.35 to 8.54! Thank God.. about friggin time! I start my orientation tomorrow, so Im hoping it goes well!!

Thats all for now!

Thursday, August 11, 2005

summers coming to a close

Its been almost a month, where has time gone I swear? Let me do some updating about what has been going on.

July 23-31 Rick, Jen, Josh, Joel, Jake, Tyler, Alicia, Erica, Luc, Nharra, and myself all went camping in Bar Harbor for the annual camping trip. Thank God we had nice weather. For the past 2 years we always run into a complete day of rain, which blows, but this year we didnt! Rock on, very happy about that. We played mini golf, barbequed at all hours of the night... went to Cadillac mountain... thats one of my favorite pics from the trip.. me with my two fav boys, Rick and Joel. It was a good trip. We had fun. Its odd to see how fast Joel has grown up. I love him. Hes looking at colleges this summer, and I want him to stay closer to home so we can see him more often, selfish as that is, but if he wants to go to NYU or whatnot, then I fully support that as well.

What else has been going on... well the girl at Charlies that I work with in reception has been taking complete advantage of me, which pisses me off. I emailed the head of the office though and I think things are beginning to straighten out, which is good. I havent seen her since shit hit the fan, so it will be quite interesting seeing her on Saturday. Oh well. I wasnt doing anything wrong let me tell you!

I have been working both jobs still, and Im anxiously awaiting for the semester to begin so I can have some life other than working. I dont mind at all having homework and having to do case studies. Id almost rather do that than work at the nursing home 32 hours a week. Dont get me wrong, I have fallen in love with many of the residents and I enjoy it there, but I keep coming down with things because they have barely any circulation and its just a festering site for infection. Tuesday I went in not feeling well at all. When I left the apartment that morning I cried in the bedroom for about 10 minutes not wanting to go, but I did. I ended up talking to my teacher, and she told me to go to the ER or my doctor. I got into my doctors at 9 that morning, and she told me I had some viral infection that I most likely caught at the nursing home, and that I should not work for 72 hours to let it pass. I begged her to let me go back in today, so she wrote me a note to be out of work for 48 hours. Well.. let me tell you.. today when I woke up I felt horrible.. but I still went into work but when I was bending down alot and coming back up I became sooo dizzy and lightheaded.. and on break when I drank my gingerale to calm my stomach.. it didnt set too well, lets just say that.

Other than that not much else has been going on.. Oh yes!! Courtney and I finished our pop concert repetoire by going to see the BSB :) It was wonderful. Great show great great great!!!! :) We're dorks, but hey, its okay!

Monday, July 18, 2005

I think I love my new job

Im working right now as a CNA trainee/UCA right now over the summer and Im really starting to enjoy it. Ive had 4 exams in my class: 100,95,88 and 87 which is wonderful! :) Im proud of myself. Our classes now are from 6:45-3:15 and the AM we are on the floor which is giving me a lot more experience, which is nice. Today I just had fun with a lot of the residents, got many kisses and back rubs, and enjoyed most of my afternoon. They are good people, but its hard to see so many nice people have Alzheimers and Dementia. I hope that one day it doesnt happen to me, but who knows what cards are in my future. I got yelled at by a nurse. haha. It pissed me off. I didnt do anything wrong! I put a pair of gloves on, moved a pillow off the bed and went to get clean linen. The pillow had no case on it or anything. When I walked to the cart to get linen she grabbed my hand and scolded me. You should have seen her face when I yanked my hand away from her. Stupid Bitch. She just came back from a trip and she was all excited to be back but she was being like that to everyone. At lunch she was talking about CNAs being MED-TECHS and whatnot and she wanted to know if I was interested in persuing that and I said no and she had the nerve to say "Good, being a CNA is hard enough" I just looked at her and laughed and was like "Yeah, CNA is hard I guess, we'll see how it compares to my Nursing clinicals come fall." Her face was priceless. Bitch.

This past weekend Danielle and Courtney swam at my parents house w/ Rick and I and then we went to Old Hallowell Day to catch the fireworks! :) We ended up parking at DQ and then walking the rail trail to get to downtown. The fireworks were soooo good :) Every time there was a loud bang I would poke Mama in the butt. I miss the girls. It was so nice getting to see them. They wanted me to go to the beach that next day, but Sunday is the only day off, and I mean, I understand where its my day off I could want to go, but I guess Im not like that. Sunday is my only day in the whole week to do laundry, sleep in, and lounge around. Next time I have a couple of days off Id love to go, but until then Im fine with seeing people on the weekend!

Well, thats all for now. I have some stuff to do!

Sunday, July 10, 2005

4th of july and catching up!

The past week or so has been alright. My body is finally starting to get used to waking up so early. This morning I could sleep until noon if I wanted to and I was awake at 6 ready to go, but I made myself go back to sleep. I need those extra hours here and there to make up for the sleep Im missing in the week.

For the 4th of July Rick, Joel, Jake, Tyler, Phil, Jen, Josh, and I went to Canobie Lake Park in NH! It was the best day ever!!! We didnt get lost on the way down, which is a surprise and a change from last year. We were stopped in traffic because of a huge accident so that sucked but we made it off the highway to find an alternate route. We ended up seeing the accident and a dead body on the side of the road, which was a bit unsettling, but thats life, and the guy had 20 prior convictions so seeing it wasnt a huge surprise. However, its not something that we all wanted to see though. Anyways, we made it to Canobie and went on rides. We did the tilt-a-whirl, which is Ricks favorite.. and I like it alot too :) We did that, and did the bumper cars!!!! woo!!! I was in such a slow ass car.. and we all went in at the same time. We were bumping as normal and this huge assclown man came and bumped me, made me fly almost out of my car and it cracked my neck and back. It hurt!!!!! Joel and Rick both saw and my brother was like, Holy shit he hit you so hard. It was funny though. I wasnt too traumatized because I went back in after. We did rides, then went and ate some lunch in our cars. Last yr we ate lunch there but we definitely learned our lesson! That food was gross!!! We lost Phil and Jake for about an hour. They were looking for a Britney Spears look-a-like. Ugh. Men. hahaha. We did the Boston Tea Party and then changed.. and drove home for the fireworks. At the fireworks we saw Tylers Mom Anita, his sisters Courtney and Laura, and Lauras son Colby! Joel and I stayed there for a bit and they gave us sparklers! :) Yes! Free fire! Then we hung out with Ashley, Ben, Oppy, Amy, and Derek for the rest of the fireworks show. All and all it was a good fourth! I didnt get tanned at all though, what a bummah!

Work is going well. I started working on the floor more at Glenridge, its not all class now, which is good because class gets really irritating at times because all you are doing is sitting, and you are in class for 6 hours straight. Its hard but the people for the most part are nice. On my second exam I got a 100. I know. Im a stud. Just admit it :) A lot is review for me so its nice. Im hoping that 101 in the fall will be that way too because I need to get some good grades you know? Charlies is okay. Joel got a job there too! Hes in the carwash.. and he works MTWF 430-730 and on Saturday 8-6 so we have basically some of the same shifts. Yesterday I picked him up and we went on our way to work. It was raining so Joels morning was basically shitty, which i felt bad for because who wants to be bored and cold.. but one of the guys from recon snatched him up and he helped over there, which I think made the day go by faster. Me on the other hand, work was the same thing. It was a short day for me. 8-6.. as opposed to 645-8. I came home after work, and Rick and I went to JCPenney, the gas station, to movie gallery, and then we had dinner at Friendlys. Yum. :)

Now Im going to go pick up my stuff, its everywhere! We are heading down to do laundry and go to my parents for the afternoon.. I need a relaxing day so I hope this is it!

Thursday, June 30, 2005

nap needed

Its been 11 days and it has gone by fast! I have been out of school almost 2 months, man this sucks. But, to be honest, I havent had much of a summer anyways. Ive been working, and at one of my jobs Im in school learning.. having exams, taking practicals.. its just like I havent left school yet. Ive had a bit of a rough time with some of my friends this past week, which is really disheartening because I havent seen them and its hard. I miss everyone. I feel like I have no time to enjoy this summer. Some people say during the summer theyre bored.. and I cant imagine what that feels like right now. I have Sunday AND Monday off so Im hoping to catch up on my sleep and catch up on my tan.

I got my first exam back, an 87. Not too bad, 2nd highest in the class. Im finding myself to be completely drained when I get home. Its usually an 8+ hour day and then somedays I have to work at Charlies. I think the other girl Jen is going to take my Wednesday shift for me. Its only 3.5 hours and Im working over 40 anyways so I think I'll let her have it. She has no other job right now so she could use the money.

Being an employee of MaineGeneral I get a free gym membership!!! :) I went last night to one right down the road from me and it was a riot. I did the circuit training and they moved sooo fast. Its alright though, I figure I will go every other day. Yesterday I did all the machines and whatnot, tonight Im going to do some miles on the gazelle and then I'll go to the gym either tomorrow night or Saturday. Im working tomorrow until 8 and Saturday until 6 so we'll see. It makes going there a bit hard but I have the gazelle at home so I'll just use that on my between days.

Ive been a bit down lately. Its hard for me to admit that. Have you ever felt like you needed to scream at the top of your lungs to get out all of your frustration but you dont have the strength to do so? Working so much I honestly think has strained Rick and my relationship. Not from his end, he is extremely supportive and sweet with me but I feel like Im constantly snapping and being a bitch and I know I need to stop it but I dont know how. Its like.. Im really tired and have had a hard time working so much and studying and its almost as if I dont have time for anything or anyone else.

Inside of me I want more than anything to curl up with him on the couch and fall asleep in his arms, protected from everything around me in the world, but when I go near him I remember another bill I need to pay, or another chapter I need to read and all goes to hell in this world that I live in.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Happy Fathers Day.. and...

Happy Birthday Amy!! :) 20 years old! wooo! :)
Galactica Gal!
Today is fathers day.. :) Rick and I went down to Augusta like we do every Sunday and did laundry at his dads, talked to him a bit and then we went to Old Navy where I dropped some serious cash for him to get some new summer clothes. He didnt have much and I wanted him to be comfortable when the weather is warm. I bought him some new boxers, undershirts, 3 pairs of shorts, a new bathing suit, 2 tee shirts, a polo shirt, 3 button up short sleeve shirts, and a pair of sandals. He made out quite nicely I believe. Hes so friggin cute it sometimes boggles my mind! :)
We then went to my parents and gave my dad his gifts. We bought him 2 birdfeeders and the stand for them to hang on. My brother bought him another birdfeeder and a movie. My mom bought him these amazing windchimes and stand. As you can probably tell my dad is all about our backyard and the birds so he seemed delighted with our gifts. We hung out there, and my cousins Kristina, Katie, and Elizabeth dropped by for an hour or so. It was nice getting to see them because they are just growing up so fast, makes me feel old.
Rick and I came home and Rick finished mowing the lawn and I came upstairs and swept and vacuumed. We went to Walmart and got some soda and some other stuff and thats my recap for the day! Lovely huh. Now Im going to go iron some clothes and pick up a bit more around here. I want this place to be in okay shape before I start my new job on Tuesday. Tomorrow Rick and I both have off together so its going to be nice to spend 2 days in a row together.. where in the future, this will be a rare occasion. Im going to miss all the time we spend one on one but Im going to be making good money and there are bills to pay so this is where I need to be. Plus, I think I will like being a CNA. Some people say its the dirty work, and its true, it is, but Im helping people and thats all that matters to me.
BTW, Random note but Courtney and I are going to BSB!! :) I know, we are 20. its sad, but we wont be the oldest there, there will be parents! :) Im excited!

Thursday, June 16, 2005

its been a long couple of days

These past days have been extremely hectic... and I feel like I need another nap.

I had my interviews for the CNA trainee position, had my health screen, and I have to go back tomorrow to give more blood because my old doctors office cant fax my immunization records up because of the flood we had a month or so back. Lovely. But, on a good note, I did get the job and I start the 21st :) Im excited. When I got the definite yes, I called DQ and gave them the ole heave ho and it felt very good :) Im glad to be out of that place!!!

So last Saturday I brought Ricks car in for an oil change and we found out that there were a couple of problems in it that would be rather costly.. so Rick decided that he wanted to just get rid of it. Him, Jen, and I spent the whole day at Charlies (my afternoon off mind you) and he found this cute red ford ranger he wanted... along with a couple of other vehicles. We did the paper work and the payment would have been 319 so we decided to leave Charlies and see if we could get Rick a co-signer because thats a lot of money for a car payment a month. That night we talked to my parents, who said no because they had to take out something for Joel and I to go to college next year, Ricks sister cant right now, and Ricks grandmother wouldnt do it either. We were out of family and it seemed hopeless because Rick couldnt get a loan even to fix his car. It sucks being young and not having enough income to sign for a large loan. So Monday comes along.. and Ricks salesman Darren calls saying that he needs a cosigner or it wont go through.. so Rick decides to ask his Dad.. who doesnt have sufficient credit.. and by a miracle of God, it went through. Rick ended up getting a 2001 blue Ford Ranger. Its not a huge huge truck so it should be okay with gas. I was worried about that because with a truck, insurance will bump up, but I was hoping his gas mileage for the truck would be alright. I think it will be. His payments right now are super high but next month hes going in to refinance it! Im happy hes happy because the past couple of days he was so down... and I hate seeing my sweetie so sad, it just about broke my heart and my spirit.

Today Rick and I both have off together and Im going to make a good breakfast and we are going to clean this nasty place today. I start my CNA job next week so I would like to go there knowing my apartment is in okay shape.

Its almost noon.. I better get going.

Monday, June 06, 2005

summah summah

Summer is going by a little bit faster than I had hoped it would. I love the idea of just basking outside in the sun and relishing every moment of sunshine that hits my body.. however... my summer just isnt like that. Im working at Charlies and DQ and today I had an interview to be a CNA trainee which means I would be working 7-3, 4 days a week and would be getting paid to learn how to be a CNA. It seems pretty good, especially where I would have a guaranteed 32 hours a week when DQ cant give me shit for hours. I need the money, I need to pay rent, my car, cable, cell, bills bills bills, and the 6 hours they gave me this week wont even cover my gas. Its ridiculous. The interview I had today went alright and she wants me to go to another one tomorrow at 9:30 at the nursing home I would be working in as I was training so I think thats a good sign, especially where if she didnt like me she could tell me that she was not interested. Im hoping things work out. I would work 32 hours there and my 16 or 20 at Charlies. I think I might have to say bye to DQ.

Saturday Ricks cousin Matt graduated high school and we went to his graduation. So proud am I. Okay, that sounded like Yoda. Haha. Random. Anyways, it was nice, hot as hell in there, but it was good for us to go and support Matty. I brought an airhorn to blow when he got his diploma, people needed to know that Matt is the best cousin ever. Well, hes not my cousin, but hes Ricks and I love him. Hes a good kid. Im excited about next year. He will be going to school about 5 minutes away from our apartment so I have a feeling we will be seeing more of him. Its weird to think that the last one I know to graduate from high school is my brother, and that will be next year. The next round of graduations are the college ones. I feel like im aging faster then anything. Oh well. I think I like growing up.

Until next time...

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Ricks 22nd bday

So on Saturday I threw a party for Rick. Lets see who came... Phil, Erica, Tyler, Amy, Derek, Kirstan, Joel, Jen and Josh. Not sure if Im forgetting anyone but its possible. Oh yeah, my parents did stop by because they went out to dinner for their 22nd wedding anniversary! Congrats to them. We had a good time.. some stuff happened that I dont think I'll go into but we had an okay time for the most part. Phil was drunk by 7:30, it was great. Amy was my favorite. She tripped going into the kitchen and was like, I just tripped and fell into the Galactica.... which sounds like star wars. Then I smacked her in the face with my boob and shes like, Showing a boob is like showing a chocolate chip cookie.... odd one. It was so weird though, after an hour of resting, Amy sobered up like no other, what a champ!!!!

I posted pictures from the party on my webshots thingie.

Lets see what else is happening.. not too much actually. Im pretty bored right now but I have to work at 430 so I guess thats okay. Today is the last day in May and my 2 weeks off from school have gone by really fast, so Im hoping the rest of my summer vayk wont... especially where I havent done anything really because of all of this damn rain. It gets me so tired and sad I hate it. I want some sunny weather.. and then some beach days...

Sometimes you cant change things.. or people for that matter and thats hard, especially when you desperately wish them to. We are all desperate at times, for certain things that maybe we cant even begin to describe. Life does that to us. We are thrown into the middle of a crowded room.... on a rollercoaster of a ride, and are expected to survive the punches thrown at us. Im tired of surviving those punches... I want a break from it all. Sit me down, let me breathe and let me hope for a calmer tomorrow. Will it come? I pray it.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

down came the rain...

So the froggies we bought in NH... 3 out of the 4 are dead :( Its horrible. When they died we took them out and their tummies were all red.. they had a froggie disease. I called Portsmouth to talk to the place we got them at and they said it can sometimes happen and when I was reading online it said that if the person who is selling you the frogs can hold them in their hands to get them for you it means that they are sick anyways... and the girl caught one frog with the net and it took her forever so she went in with her hands for the other 3.. and there is only 1 left, the one she caught with the net. Im pissed.

Today Im working 12-3 at dq.. then at Charlies from 430-8. Not too bad. Im just feeling tired and whatnot because all it is doing is raining.. and I hate that! I need a little bit of sunshine here.. plus when it rains any shift.. whether its 6 hours or 3 hours at dq feels like a lifetime... blah...

Well, I guess thats all for now... I need to take a shower and eat lunch before work. woo...

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Its been about a month...

so let me update you on EVERYTHING that has gone on.

School: Well, as many of my friends know I was having serious issues with one of my teachers, and after talking to the dean and a zillion other people he finally gave me a withdraw passing grade, which is unbelievable because now I for sure will be in my nursing clinicals in the fall. I am very excited about that one to say the least. My other classes Im doing okay in. I think I got C's in Accounting and A&P which is okay... a B in Nutrition and an A in computer. Thank God that this semester is over. Now, I wont have to worry about anything until September 6, well besides some of my nursing orientation days and my CPR, doctor stuff. Oh well, Im not stressing!

Work: Work is going well.. Im not working too too much at DQ now but maybe that will change soon. The Western Ave DQ was robbed at gunpoint, so Im thinking maybe some of the parents will pull some of their kids out.. Im not really sure but anything is possible. At Charlies Im working 16 hours one week and the next it is about 20, so Im satisfied with that.

* So this past Friday Rick and I went to Ben and Ashleys wedding which turned out to be pretty fun. Amy and I just laughed through lots of it, which was great and I had a fun time. The best memory from that whole wedding is when Tyler caught the garter and didnt realize he had to put it on Katie who caught the bouquet. It was a riot. My dad was laughing so hard... and that was great to see because my dad doesnt laugh like that very often! Rick and I were leaving the wedding reception.. and the last song they played was *ours* and him and I had never danced to it before... and he dropped everything.. and we went back inside to dance to it for the first time. It was great and its something I know that I will remember for the rest of my life.

Rick and I on Saturday left for our overnight trip to Portsmouth and we got there at 1:30 and decided that we would just drive around looking for some places to shop, preferably a big huge mall. We saw that there was one in Nashua, so instead of taking the highway, which looked like it was going to take years, we took back roads. Dumb us, 2 1/2 hours later we finally found it!! :) Very happy I was let me tell you! We went in there and I bought Rick a couple birthday gifts... :) and then we went back to the hotel, checked in, and then ate dinner. It was good, a little overpriced, but good none the less. We went back to the Comfort Inn, and went in the hot tub until maybe 945... then we went back to the room and were asleep by 10:30. Hahaha... we had a good night though!! :) This morning we woke up, packed our stuff, and were in Portland by around.. 12:15.. and we had lunch at TGIFridays.. our fav.. and then we got into Waterville at 2:30. But does the excitement end there? No. We went to the ER!!! Ricks foot had been killing him since Friday and it was starting to look pretty bad so we went, and they think he might have a stress fracture and hes out of work for the week and is on crutches with an air cast. I feel so bad for him, but Im around to take care of him!!

Thats all for now... long update huh! :)

Sunday, April 24, 2005

what a day!

Yesterday was a riot. After I got out of work Amy and I headed up to UMO to go see Oppy and go to the mall. Amy and I were driving up there and I personally get lost in Bangor/Orono every time I go up there for some reason so I was depending on Amy to get us there. There were two exits we could have taken... and we took the wrong one BUT we got there! We ended up going through all of the Frat houses and Im like, we are lost in the frats.. exciting. Then, Amy found Oppys hall, and we made it!!! We got into the elevator with this guy.. who had a jug of ammonia (or ammonium as Amy calls it) and it was a bit weird, what did he need it for? Why would you just have a gallon jug full of ammonia? Odd. So we went to Oppys room, hung out there for a bit, then went to visit Julia which was fun fun stuff. Before Oppy was telling us she had hung out with this kid that she just met the night before, Tom, and I was like, "Lets go see him!" So we went to Knox!! :) :) It was a riot. We walked into Toms room while he only had boxers on and he was like, let me get some pants on, and Im like, Hey, Im Jill, dont worry I see guys without pants on all the time! What an introduction, I guess I wasnt even thinking. The intro must have been semi memorable because he remembered me at the end of the night!

We met some of Courtneys sisters while leaving Knox and we talked to them for awhile, and its really exciting to see the nice girls she has to spend time with. Makes me feel better knowing shes with them! We went to the mall and I twisted my ankle shopping, which was just great because i was wearing high boots but I still stumbled along.. I dont know how but I did. We bought some stuff and then ended up going to DQ before we went back to Oppys room. We hung out with Tom again (I LOVE HIM!! Hes such a nice guy!) and then Amy and I left to go home...

What a Saturday! Im so tired right now though, and usually today we go to Augusta to do laundry and whatnot, and Im just about dead to the world. I want to stay home!!!! But if we do we wont have any clean clothes :( Hm! Not sure what Im going to do!!

Thursday, April 14, 2005

who says you cant boil chicken?

Time flies...

Lets see what has been going on in my life.

I signed up for my classes for the fall, which is exciting. Im in my nursing clinical and an english class. I know it doesnt sound like too much but those 2 classes together equal 12 credits, so Im still full time!! I had a meeting with my nursing advisor today and I told her about my problems with my bitch ass teacher, and she said I wasnt the only one who has had problems with him and she knew who I was talking about before I even meantioned his name. That is not a good sign. We talked about my GPA because if it falls under a 2.5 I am dropped from clinicals and where he failed my first test, I dont know what effect it will have on my GPA. She said they can do something called forgiving it, and they will wipe it from my GPA calculations. Wonderful. I might just need that...

Im tres excited with Charlies. One of the girls there Amanda gave her notice so it left her Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday shifts open.. and I asked for them. They said that they would think about it and I found an application they had accepted for the position so I was a bit worried because, I really do need the hours. In the fall, I am planning on leaving DQ because after my first semester in clinicals I will be a CNA, and I hope to get a job doing that. It will give me more hours and more experience, and I definitely will need that. So now at Charlies I will be working Tuesday 430-8, Wednesday 430-8, Friday 430-8, and I have a Saturday rotation. One Saturday I will work my normal 745-1ish and the next I will work 745-6 with a break for lunch. Nice. Im excited because its more hours and I feel comfortable with that choice.

Thats all for now, I need to take a shower and study for my Horomone exam tomorrow! Wish me luck!!!

OOOH I hung out w/ Kirstan today and let me tell you, Pepere makes the best boiled chicken EVER!!!! :)

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

if you voted bush...

This week has been a good work week, which is interesting because that usually never happens. Something inside of me has triggered and instead of stressing out and worrying about everything I say or do, I have been just letting loose and having a good time, and it seems like everyone around me has been enjoying it. Maybe that has been my problem the past couple of months, maybe I have been so wound up with school and work I just let my personality go a bit. It sucks to think that happened, but I honestly think it did. I seem to be happier right now, which is what I need and I think I need to stop taking every single thing in life so serious, and remember that Im only 20 years old and I can let loose every now and again.

Vacation was good, I rested for most of it which was extremely enjoyable. I worked only about 20 hours, instead of the normal 30-32, and I had no class. I studied a bit though, hard not to, but I tried for the most part to just have a relaxing week. Only 5-6 more weeks of class and summer will be here. I keep telling myself that but Im worried. I have one class, my Politics and Gov't class that Im not doing well in at all. My first exam was a 53 because I wrote my essay wrong. What an old prick. Hes such a jerk. He tells us that Bush is the reason we are in so much debt because he doesnt believe in planned parenthood and mothers are sucking up welfare. He has used the term "colored people" used the N word.. its unreal. Hes old, and hes alone he says and has no family. Hmm... wonder why. Its horrible to think that I may not do well in his class because I voted Bush. He thinks anyone who voted for Bush is not a true American citizen. Can you believe the balls of this guy? What an asshole. Man, my dad would have a field day with him....

My fish tank water was really cloudy the other day so Rick and I emptied most of the water, and I put some stuff in it to get the cloudiness out.. and now it is yellowish green. Damnit. So tonight after I type up my Nutrition take home and study.. Im going to completely empty out the tank, clean the gravel and everything because I dont like the fact its all green, and my fishies must not like it either!

Thanks all for now, I have lots of stuff to do and no time to do it!

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

dun dun dun

Abe is dead. He died sometime last week. He was floating on the top of the tank and the other fish were playing with his body. Its kind of funny because Courtney said at least the other fish arent sad and mourning, they have already moved on to playing games with the body. haha. I flushed him, then realized shortly thereafter that I had the receipt and could have gotten a refund. Damn the man. It was only what, 1.88 but come on! Still!

I bought 2 fish last night, The Rock (he has a pink eyebrow, reminded me of the Rock) and then Stinky, hes a zebra tetra. Cute Cute. They all seem to be getting along which is good. I never knew that cleaning a fish tank could be so hard! Rick and I did it the other night, which was completely horrible. We did it though, after some arguing and confusing moments, it all worked out and the tank is cleaner!

Im so excited! I start clinicals in the fall and I can finally get rid of DQ. Excited excited excited!!! Clinicals are going to be hard but Im ready for that challenge. After one semester I can be a CNA so I will get out there and learn stuff first hand and get paid for it better then Im getting there. I was looking at the rubber shoes I need and they are like $100!!! Holy. I better start saving up. My mom and dad said that since I bought my LV purse I can buy my own shoes and scrubs. Not Impressed. I will have to beg.

This week is vacation week which is defintely needed. Ive been sleeping until 9 ish every day and I work here and there. I just needed a break to let me head rest because all I have been doing is studying like mad. School is insane.

Well thats all for now! Catch ya later :)

Monday, March 14, 2005


I bought 3 new fish!!! :) One is an algae sucker named Suckasuckafish, and then one is a little neon fishie named Flamboyo, and then Joel named my little black and silver fish Abe. haha, I dont know why but he did. So, Im up to 6 fish now!

Ive been stressing out so bad lately, and I thank God that Rick has been so wonderful and patient through it all, I mean last night I just started to cry out of nowhere and I didnt want to talk. Anatomy is killing me and I feel like Im constantly studying for it and my grades arent showing it at all, which is so hard for me. My grades in lecture average around a 78, which isnt great, I know but you dont understand my teacher. Im just glad Im not failing. For lab, those lab practical grades are another story. Im trying, I promise, its just like.. I have so much on my plate, and I need to make this work!!!

In the fall Im in the nursing curriculum so I need to kick some ass, its my goal.

Im Out

-Mario Vasques was and will be my all time favorite from this year.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

I bought 3 new...

family members today!! :) All fishies :) I bought a green fish, named Envy, a little silver one with peach fins, and her name is Peachy, and then I bought a silver one, and Rick named him... Mr. Sparkle. Haha :) I dont know why but he did! They're too cute. I've never had fish before but I have all of the stuff I need. My parents bought me the tank, hood, heater, and pump for Christmas, and I bought the background, air pump with bubble curtain, all the stuff inside of it, little froggie statues, aquarium salts w/ electrolites, stress coat to de-chlorine the water, and something else that has bacteria which is good for the fish! I hope I dont kill them. Yeah, I bought some fishie food too!

So what else is going on in my life... hmm nothing more than school, homework, work, and family, which is fine by me. I just find myself getting really tired really easy lately, but I mean what can I do right? Schools going alright, Im going to be in the nursing program this fall, which is mucho exciting because I will be an RN in 2 years, and Im still working towards my Public Administrations bachelors too. Busy me. Busy me.

Work is fine... my baby is just wonderful... and thats about it for me!

I know this isnt a huge update but I need to get some rest.. I have A&P lecture 830-1. Holy Goodlord!!

Monday, February 28, 2005

Let it...

Snow Snow Snow!!! :)

I definitely dont think there will be class tomorrow night, which is wonderful because I have an exam in Accounting that Rick and I arent really prepared for it. Ick. I have an exam in every class this week too, welcome back to school. I had my first ap lab practical today.. I think it went alright.. hard but alright. Tomorrow Accounting, Weds Politics & Gov't, Thursday Nutrition &Comp, Friday.. nothing.. but I have a lecture from 830-1. Holy Hell. Im hoping I do okay!!

Saturday I worked, went to Ricks Nanas after, and then Rick, Jen, Josh, and I went to Portland for dinner to celebrate Jens Bday. Woooooooo. We had a good time, I ate too much though, got sick like normal. Oh well. Life. It was a good time, nice to get away from town. Earlier that day I hung out at my parents house with Joel and his friends and Courtney and Amy (LOOOVE YOU) dropped by which was great because I hadnt seen either of them in awhile.

Ive been talking to Danielle tonight... man how I miss her. Its hard when one of the people you feel closest to is far away. I mean, shes really not far away but with work and school Biddeford is a bit of a drive. She honestly is one of the best people around and I just miss her to death. Shes just great, and makes me feel good about my life, and what Im doing when some people just shit on it. Thanks for believing in me mama.

Time for Bed.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

so why dont you...

do something... Rick and I just saw that video and what the hell kind of song is that? Discuss. Weird.

My arm is feeling a lot better. Friday my mom hired a masseuse to come and massage me... it was amazing let me tell you. I just loved it!!! I wish I was rich and could do that every day, it would be the best thing!!! She thinks the reason why my arm and neck did what it did was because of my new car.. and when we thought of things that changed in the past two weeks (like school load, work etc) the only thing that was different was that car, and the seats and lumbar support were completely different so I have adjusted everything now. My shoulder/neck doesnt hurt but my forearm and elbow do, kind of like tennis elbow, but its way better then what I had before.

This week is February break!! Wooo :) I havent done much at all which is fine by me. Yesterday I worked 430-8 and today I worked 12-3. Tomorrow Im working 5-cl. Eh, not as many hours as I would have hoped but theres still time! :) I have so many exams next week that I need to study for so I really need to get my ass in gear and start studying for them, my grades need to be right up there. On the nursing list I'm #52 for clinicals and they admit 48 each year. What the hell. Im 4 away. This sucks. My advisor says that she believes I will be admitted in the summer because people usually tend to drop out or things come up. Im hoping that is the case! I want to get this nursing thing on the road!!!

Besides that nothing much is going on. Friday is my Dads Bday and Saturday is Jens! Party Party!!

Well, Im going to get going! Stetson-Out!

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

and the pain continues

My arm/shoulder/neck is still killing me. On Monday I called in sick at Charlies and went to my doctor. She said that there is nothing she can do for me and that it will just get better. She really didnt listen to what I had to say and I was dying in pain and she gave me nothing for it. All she told me was to take ibuprofen 3x day. Not too happy. Tuesday I called out of DQ and rested all day which was nice because I needed it but the pain was unbearable. Today however, I decided to give it a shot and I went into DQ. I was on Western Ave but they switched me around because I couldnt make cakes fast because my right arm was killing me.. so then I went to Bangor Street. I was moving around a case of mix which probably weighs.. I dont know.. 10 lbs maybe.. and my shoulder popped and I about bawled my way out of there. I left DQ for the day, called my mom and asked her to go to the docs with me so i wasnt walked on. We ended up going to the ER and the doctor was wonderful. He did say though that all I do have is tendonitis but my arm should be in a sling 50% of the time during the day to get some of the stress off of my shoulder. He gave me some medication and it still hurts but the sling and heating pad is helping a bit. It sucks though.. it really does.

OH YEAH! :) For Valentines Day Rick and I exchanged our little gifts, even though all I gave him was a card because my gifts didnt arrive on time :( damn ups. He bought me the Notebook, 12 candles that are adorable in little tins, and truffles :) So sweet. What I bought him was 3lbs of chocolate and a love bucket, which had candy, cookies, and all sorts of yummy stuff in it. I also chipped in $20.00 bucks to get him a video game he has wanted since before Christmas. It was great. For dinner we had chicken parm and for dessert we had chocolate fondue.. white and semi sweet chocolate with pound cake, pretzels, and cream filled lady fingers to dip in it. It was wonderful. I love him lots and lots!! Hes my Richard Neil.

Today I watched Dr. Phil and it was pre marital bootcamp and they were doing all of these tasks to get them better ready for marriage and I was just like, Holy Goodlord. Rick and I have been doing these for over a year now and we are getting so much better with certain aspects of our relationship. I am learning more and more to cherish everything he does for me. Watching that show made me proud of where him and I have come with this relationship of ours :)

Well, I should be getting my arm back in that thing!

Saturday, February 12, 2005

still hurting

Its around 7 in the morning and Im getting ready for work at Charlies 745ish-1ish. My shoulder is still killing me so Rick is driving me in. Ive been on bedrest the entire week, I havent gone to work or school and nothing is helping it. It really is starting to worry me because I dont understand why it still hurts. I might end up having to go to my doctor some time next week if that is the case. After I work, Im going to join Rick at his Nanas for the afternoon and then Im coming home to rest and I cant wait.

Im so happy that we had 2 snow days this week, one on Thursday and the other on Friday. Friday I was supposed to have an exam so I lucked out and plus, all these snowdays made it great because I would have had to miss them anyways because of the bedrest deal.

I registered my car yesterday.... 332.32. Ouch. Not 400.00 though so thats a good thing. I was supposed to save up my money in 2 weeks to register it, and when I work limited amounts and go to school it was impossible. My parents said they would front the rest and I would pay them back. I ended up saving 310.00 which was impressive. I can actually save money, who knew?

Well, Im off.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005



Monday night after work my right arm started to kill me, and I wasnt sure what the problem was. I figured I had pulled it wrong or something, and I figured it would be okay. It hurt so bad that night it brought me to tears, and those who know me know I dont cry because of pain that easily. Rick rubbed my shoulder with icy hot before bed and I fell asleep. At 130 in the morning I woke up, and my whole neck/shoulder was throbbing worse than the evening before so I went to the ER. They told me I have biceps tendonitis. Great. They dont know what caused it but they said that I need to take a couple days off from work and school to rest. They gave me a shot of corizone in my bum, and Im taking a muscle relaxer and vicidin. Yesterday I slept for 20 out of 24 hours.. I was just so out of it. I figured that this morning I would feel well enough to go to work and class, and Im definitely wrong, it kills still. So right now Im eating a bowl of cereal so I can take my medicine and go lay down. This has not been a good couple of days! Ricks been great through it all though, getting me anything and everything I need, helping me lay into bed, helping me up. I couldnt ask for anything more...

Monday, February 07, 2005

mmm black...

raspberry vanilla lotion from bath and body is amazing...


So, I'm a bit bummed, I wont lie.

Rick and I had a little overnight trip to Portsmouth planned to celebrate Valentines Day and its just not going to work out, which sucks. I mean, we had the hotel all booked and everything but money is just too tight as of right now. I bought a new car, registration of $400 is due by Friday.. and I mean the cell phone bill is due next week so I guess not going is in both of our best interests, financially anyways. Still though, it sucks.

This weekend was so long, and I hated it. On Friday I had a quiz is A&P and then she let us go early because she has the flu. Awesome right? No. The class starts at 8:30 so by 9 I was done and had nothing to do. I had to work at DQ at noon.. so I just went back to my parents house. Rick was in town because he had a doctors appointment ( he was so sick :( poor baby) so after he called in sick from work he came and hung out with at my parents for a couple of hours, which was nice. Then I went to work at DQ 12-3, then I went back to my parents house and then I worked at Charlies 4-8. Not too bad of a day. Then Saturday I worked at Charlies in service from 745-1245, then I hopped over to Toyota and worked 1-6. Such a friggin long day. To make it worse, I didnt even eat lunch while I was over there. There was no one to watch the phones for the 5 minutes it would have taken for me to heat up a hot pocket. Damn them. It was my first day at Toyota so I was a bit nervous because stuff is different there and I really didnt want to mess up. I probably did though and its okay! Man, that was such a long day.

Sunday we woke up around 9, and I played the Sims for what seemed like forever. I wanted to do nothing... absolutely nothing, I wasnt in the mood. Then around 2 we headed down to Augusta to do laundry at his fathers and then we went to his nanas! She knitted this kick ass hat, Im going to wear that thing everywhere. Its awesome. So after all that, we went to my parents and hung out there for the superbowl. My mom made snacks: scallops wrapped in bacon, chex mix, finger sandwiches, stuffed mushroom caps and I'm sure there was something else, I just cant remember. My mom wanted DQ so Rick, Joel, and I took my car*newcar!!!* to get some DQ and then we watched the game. Around halftime we left because I wanted to get home to watch Desperate Housewives, which wasnt even on at 9, and then at 10 was a friggin rerun. Who does that? I waited for an hour to see an episode Ive already seen. Ugh. People.

So today, what am I doing? Well, I woke up, couldnt get online, called Adelphia and boom, here I am. I have A&P lab from 1-3, and then Im working at Charlies 430-8. Not a horrible day. Tomorrow Im working at DQ 9-3, and then Weds I have a docs appointment.


Thursday, February 03, 2005

You know..

that feeling where you ate way too much but you didnt eat much at all? Im totally going through that right now. I made 2 sandwiches to use up the rest of the tomato and lettuce and after eating one I couldnt even take 2 bites from the second one without throwing it away. Blah. My stomach definitely hates me right now.

So, nothing much has been going on. Tomorrow I have my first A&P quiz and Im pretty nervous about it. I spent about an hour tonight studying with Rick, and Im going to study for another hour or so before bed, and then of course right before the quiz. Its the first one of the semester for me, and its in my hardest class so Im hoping I set the semester off on the right foot.

Im working alot in the next 2 days, tomorrow Im working 12-3, then 430-8, then on Saturday 745-1 then 1-6. Its okay though because I need to try to get the money to register my car... its going to be about $400.00. Ouch. Then my first car payment is due on March 17th, so I know I will be able to get my $275.00 together for that one. I cant believe that I actually bought a car and all of this goes towards my credit. I wont be messing this one up, thats for sure!!!!

Well, thats all for now. Im going to play the Sims a bit before I study!

Monday, January 31, 2005

Beep Beep!

So today.. I bought a new car.
2005 Nissan Sentra baby :) Its awesome, its like a light green color... Jason my salesmen said it was like seafoam green so just to give you a visual. Its not that anything was wrong w/ my car, but it was almost at 90,000 miles and I figure that it would be sooner than later that my transmission would go or something and I definitely dont have $1000 to dish out for that one so I opted to get a new one. I would have gone used but I wanted something with low miles where I drive everyday. It cost me a little more than I would have liked to spend. Okay, Im lying. These payments are high, almost $300 a month. I know I can do it during the summer, so Im not worried about that, but winter is always the season that I get less hours and there are holidays so money becomes tight. I can do it... I can do it.. The first thing though that I need to do is register this bad girl, and they told me it will be right around $400, and that is due in 2 weeks. Save Jill save!!!

Besides that though, nothing else much has been going on. Work has been going alright, schools okay.... we had to dissect pregnant rats. It was so horrible, it kind of made me sad. I just dont like the idea of cutting open animals, and now especially those that were w/ child. I know they arent humans but still, it makes me a bit sad. At least it wasnt a cat though, I guess I will have to agree with some people on that.

Well, Im tired and I need to go to bed, Im working 9-3 tomorrow and I have Accounting 4-645 so I need some rest!

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

SnOw SnOw!

Today was an all around okay day. I woke up early around 8, right when Rick left for work. I honestly didnt think that I was going to wake up so early because I could barely keep my eyes open but I decided to get up and do some stuff around the apartment. I ended up doing some reading for Intro to Politics and Government and some studying for my A&P class. I did laundry, watched Dr. Phil (LOVE HIM), and yeah, just had a chill day. Class was cancelled, thank goodness. The roads around here were horrible, I watched a car slide down my road and into the neighbors fence. Haha.... well not really.

A new Walmart opened up like 2 miles down the road from us so Rick and I decided to brave the nasty weather and give it a looksee. Its pretty nice, pretty big. I ended up buying all sorts of fruits and veggies because for Nutrition we have to map out our meals so she can see what we eat and she is going to link that to certain issues we have with our bodies (diseases etc). Im also trying to get all my nutrients, and vitamins from food rather than from a supplement, but dont you think I might be taking a couple of these for the next couple of days while I go on this lower carb, high veggie/high fruit, low low fat protein thing. Maybe this class will help me put a restriction on certain things I eat. Who knows. Today I ended up having a huge salad, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, celery, fat free ranch, and tuna. Oh yeah, and a granola bar for breakfast and 2 cups of Corn Flakes for a snack. My calorie intake was 928. I personally thought what I ate was peachy keen and right on target but according to the pyramid and dietary requirements, I should have eaten more fruit, drank way more water and not had that granola bar and cereal. Oh well.

Rick, Jen, Josh and I played Halo2 on XBOX live.. and we played with my brother and Ricks cousin Matt. It was alright, I still suck at it but its fun when there are a bunch of people playing. We played that for an hour or so and then Rick and I watched Cellular, the last of our three movies I rented. It was okay, I mean I enjoyed it, but it could have been better.

Oh well, thats all for now, I might play the SIMS a bit before I call it a night. I have class 1-7 tomorrow... its going to be a long day!


Guess the mantra worked.... no class tonight :)


no snow day...

cancel class tonight...

cancel class tonight...

And that will be my mantra until it happens....

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

please snow...

You know, this is going to sound horrible, but its only the second week into classes and Im hoping that theres a snow day tomorrow. I mean, I know its wishful thinking because we arent supposed to get much but seriously, Im crossing my fingers that mother nature decides that I need a mental health day.

So, Im kind of excited! Rick and I are getting away for Valentines Day, well, the weekend of Vday because its on a monday this year. We have talked about going out of state and Im hoping that we find something! Ive been searching all night and have found some really nice places that are around 100 a night, and I think him and I would honestly have a wonderful time together. I think we might be looking to go to NH, or MA. I was thinking VT would be wonderful but that would mean that most of the day on Saturday would be driving and I am going to be working until at least 1 so thats not going to work for me. If we go to NH we can drive down after work, enjoy dinner, head out on the town, and do whatever. The next day we can go shopping and just have a great day. I wish we could do a mini cruise or something because I would love more then anything for Valentines Day to be super romantic this year because to be honest with you, we have been so caught up in school and work that we havent given much time to romance one another and we all need it so hopefully this little getaway will be just what we need!!! Ricks wonderful, but I think we need to vamp it up a bit :)

Well, thats all for now to be honest with you. Nothing much is going on around here, we had accounting tonight... that went well. Not too hard yet, so Im happy about that one. My fishtank looks rad. I love it. No fish yet though, but I will go buy some probably after payday.. or in the near future. Its really hard having bills like I do but I mean, Im handling it to the best of my ability. Growing up is difficult, especially while being in school and not working as much as you should be.

Monday, January 24, 2005

A&P =death

Today I had my first Anatomy and Physiology lab and I think that class is going to kill me. My teacher is a nazi. She has a zillion rules and it feels like Im back in 1st grade. First, if we talk when she does, we lose a point off of our final grades. If we leave the room to use the bathroom, we lose a point off of our final grades. If our cell phones go off we lose a point. If in lab we do not hang up our coats and bags together (1st grade dejavu) we lose a point. She is nuts. She also says that if we dont study for 2 hours a day for 6 days we will fail, and you know what scares me? At least 7 people in my class failed her class last semester. That class is going to be my most challenging let me tell you. Im not slacking in that class though, and Im trying to do above and beyond so I dont fall behind because Im guessing once you do, you dont get back on track.

Hmm.. Nothing much else is going on around here. My car is making weird noises, Kirstan can agree with me there. I dont know, I hope its not my transmission or something, that would kick my ass and there would be no way in the world I could pay to get that fixed, even at Charlies where I get my discount. OH speaking of Charlies, I got offered another receptionist job at Charlies Toyota for every other Saturday pretty much, which is great because I will be working at the main showroom and at Toyota. Im going to get to know many more people there and I definitely love that feeling. Im getting great names to add to my resume references.

Thats all for now, I actually think Im going to ask Rick for help in setting up my new fish tank!!!!

Sunday, January 23, 2005

Mud and Suds baby!

So, its been three whole months since I have updated this thing, unreal how fast time goes by now a days! Sometimes it seems as if Im constantly trying to catch up with everything that is going on because Im still a week behind, if that makes any sense.

My birthday was this past Friday, Im 20 now :) Rock on. But let me tell you, getting to Friday was almost the hardest thing ever. I dont know why turning 20 was a hard day for me but it was. I dont know, its weird thinking that Im getting that much closer to being a nurse, that much closer to graduation, that much closer to being an adult and on my own. Its scary.... and Im not sure if I completely like it. Rick brought me to Portland for the day and we went to the mall and ended up going out to lunch at TGIFridays. MMM :) Then we came back to Augusta and met up with Amy, Oppy, Danielle, and Kirstan... and then we went to MUD AND SUDS :) Brad Paisley, Sara Evans, and Andy Griggs. It was amazing, even though Amy elbowed me twice *love you still!* and I was told by an old man behind me to settle down. Asshole. It was a great night though, I saw Heidi from work and it was amazing. Plus, Sara Evans waved to me, and my whole section knew it was my birthday! It was great!! Then Kirstan came home with me and Rick had 4 bouquets of flowers for me with these diamond and blue topaz chandeler earrings. They are gorgeous! :) It was a great bday to say the least.

So lets see what else is going on. Rick and I are still doing wonderful, and I cant wait to finally marry him. Our friends Ben and Ashley are getting married in May and Im so excited for them but seeing them get married is getting me anxious. But I mean, I still want to wait until we are out of school with decent jobs so we can afford the whole wedding. Hes a wonderful guy and we are going strong.

Thats all for now, Rick, Jen and Josh want to play Halo... so I might as well do it right? Nothing to do around here... we have a blizzard warning so Im not going to be leaving here today! Maybe I'll do some homework later... because I have a lot to do!! School. Ugh.