Thursday, June 16, 2005

its been a long couple of days

These past days have been extremely hectic... and I feel like I need another nap.

I had my interviews for the CNA trainee position, had my health screen, and I have to go back tomorrow to give more blood because my old doctors office cant fax my immunization records up because of the flood we had a month or so back. Lovely. But, on a good note, I did get the job and I start the 21st :) Im excited. When I got the definite yes, I called DQ and gave them the ole heave ho and it felt very good :) Im glad to be out of that place!!!

So last Saturday I brought Ricks car in for an oil change and we found out that there were a couple of problems in it that would be rather costly.. so Rick decided that he wanted to just get rid of it. Him, Jen, and I spent the whole day at Charlies (my afternoon off mind you) and he found this cute red ford ranger he wanted... along with a couple of other vehicles. We did the paper work and the payment would have been 319 so we decided to leave Charlies and see if we could get Rick a co-signer because thats a lot of money for a car payment a month. That night we talked to my parents, who said no because they had to take out something for Joel and I to go to college next year, Ricks sister cant right now, and Ricks grandmother wouldnt do it either. We were out of family and it seemed hopeless because Rick couldnt get a loan even to fix his car. It sucks being young and not having enough income to sign for a large loan. So Monday comes along.. and Ricks salesman Darren calls saying that he needs a cosigner or it wont go through.. so Rick decides to ask his Dad.. who doesnt have sufficient credit.. and by a miracle of God, it went through. Rick ended up getting a 2001 blue Ford Ranger. Its not a huge huge truck so it should be okay with gas. I was worried about that because with a truck, insurance will bump up, but I was hoping his gas mileage for the truck would be alright. I think it will be. His payments right now are super high but next month hes going in to refinance it! Im happy hes happy because the past couple of days he was so down... and I hate seeing my sweetie so sad, it just about broke my heart and my spirit.

Today Rick and I both have off together and Im going to make a good breakfast and we are going to clean this nasty place today. I start my CNA job next week so I would like to go there knowing my apartment is in okay shape.

Its almost noon.. I better get going.

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