Thursday, June 17, 2010

Eye for an Eye

It's basically 3am and I am wide awake.. and am up with a really bad stomach ache and headache. I tried closing my eyes as I sit here on the loveseat and it just isnt happening. Im not going to go roll around in bed and keep Rick up, its not right.

Im watching something about the death penalty. This man stabbed a woman 28 times over 10 years ago.. and this woman's mom talked to him for 12 hours before he was executed. It is so weird seeing her go from so angry to almost feeling some sort of empathy.. or compassion for him. I understand he is a human being, and in no way am I saying that because he is a murderer that he be treated in an unjust and cruel manner but killing him... taking a life for a life.. does that make it right? It is a huge question I think lots of people ask, at least someone that believes that killing someone is a sin. Do two wrongs make a right? In this case does it? It is a concept that I still have a hard time wrapping my mind around. I believe that murdering someone is a sin... but I believe in capitol punishment. Ugh so confusing. I don't feel bad for the person being executed because obviously they did something to deserve it.. but who are we to decide what is completely wrong?

Dont get me wrong in anyway, murder etc of course is horrid.. but in Maine arson.. ARSON gets more of a sentence than murder. Tell me please how that makes sense? How can a child molester get a year in jail and 4 years on parole but eventually become integrated back into civilian life? I think that on some cases things are unjust and a little bit backwards.

An eye for an eye?

love opinions.