Monday, February 28, 2005

Let it...

Snow Snow Snow!!! :)

I definitely dont think there will be class tomorrow night, which is wonderful because I have an exam in Accounting that Rick and I arent really prepared for it. Ick. I have an exam in every class this week too, welcome back to school. I had my first ap lab practical today.. I think it went alright.. hard but alright. Tomorrow Accounting, Weds Politics & Gov't, Thursday Nutrition &Comp, Friday.. nothing.. but I have a lecture from 830-1. Holy Hell. Im hoping I do okay!!

Saturday I worked, went to Ricks Nanas after, and then Rick, Jen, Josh, and I went to Portland for dinner to celebrate Jens Bday. Woooooooo. We had a good time, I ate too much though, got sick like normal. Oh well. Life. It was a good time, nice to get away from town. Earlier that day I hung out at my parents house with Joel and his friends and Courtney and Amy (LOOOVE YOU) dropped by which was great because I hadnt seen either of them in awhile.

Ive been talking to Danielle tonight... man how I miss her. Its hard when one of the people you feel closest to is far away. I mean, shes really not far away but with work and school Biddeford is a bit of a drive. She honestly is one of the best people around and I just miss her to death. Shes just great, and makes me feel good about my life, and what Im doing when some people just shit on it. Thanks for believing in me mama.

Time for Bed.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

so why dont you...

do something... Rick and I just saw that video and what the hell kind of song is that? Discuss. Weird.

My arm is feeling a lot better. Friday my mom hired a masseuse to come and massage me... it was amazing let me tell you. I just loved it!!! I wish I was rich and could do that every day, it would be the best thing!!! She thinks the reason why my arm and neck did what it did was because of my new car.. and when we thought of things that changed in the past two weeks (like school load, work etc) the only thing that was different was that car, and the seats and lumbar support were completely different so I have adjusted everything now. My shoulder/neck doesnt hurt but my forearm and elbow do, kind of like tennis elbow, but its way better then what I had before.

This week is February break!! Wooo :) I havent done much at all which is fine by me. Yesterday I worked 430-8 and today I worked 12-3. Tomorrow Im working 5-cl. Eh, not as many hours as I would have hoped but theres still time! :) I have so many exams next week that I need to study for so I really need to get my ass in gear and start studying for them, my grades need to be right up there. On the nursing list I'm #52 for clinicals and they admit 48 each year. What the hell. Im 4 away. This sucks. My advisor says that she believes I will be admitted in the summer because people usually tend to drop out or things come up. Im hoping that is the case! I want to get this nursing thing on the road!!!

Besides that nothing much is going on. Friday is my Dads Bday and Saturday is Jens! Party Party!!

Well, Im going to get going! Stetson-Out!

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

and the pain continues

My arm/shoulder/neck is still killing me. On Monday I called in sick at Charlies and went to my doctor. She said that there is nothing she can do for me and that it will just get better. She really didnt listen to what I had to say and I was dying in pain and she gave me nothing for it. All she told me was to take ibuprofen 3x day. Not too happy. Tuesday I called out of DQ and rested all day which was nice because I needed it but the pain was unbearable. Today however, I decided to give it a shot and I went into DQ. I was on Western Ave but they switched me around because I couldnt make cakes fast because my right arm was killing me.. so then I went to Bangor Street. I was moving around a case of mix which probably weighs.. I dont know.. 10 lbs maybe.. and my shoulder popped and I about bawled my way out of there. I left DQ for the day, called my mom and asked her to go to the docs with me so i wasnt walked on. We ended up going to the ER and the doctor was wonderful. He did say though that all I do have is tendonitis but my arm should be in a sling 50% of the time during the day to get some of the stress off of my shoulder. He gave me some medication and it still hurts but the sling and heating pad is helping a bit. It sucks though.. it really does.

OH YEAH! :) For Valentines Day Rick and I exchanged our little gifts, even though all I gave him was a card because my gifts didnt arrive on time :( damn ups. He bought me the Notebook, 12 candles that are adorable in little tins, and truffles :) So sweet. What I bought him was 3lbs of chocolate and a love bucket, which had candy, cookies, and all sorts of yummy stuff in it. I also chipped in $20.00 bucks to get him a video game he has wanted since before Christmas. It was great. For dinner we had chicken parm and for dessert we had chocolate fondue.. white and semi sweet chocolate with pound cake, pretzels, and cream filled lady fingers to dip in it. It was wonderful. I love him lots and lots!! Hes my Richard Neil.

Today I watched Dr. Phil and it was pre marital bootcamp and they were doing all of these tasks to get them better ready for marriage and I was just like, Holy Goodlord. Rick and I have been doing these for over a year now and we are getting so much better with certain aspects of our relationship. I am learning more and more to cherish everything he does for me. Watching that show made me proud of where him and I have come with this relationship of ours :)

Well, I should be getting my arm back in that thing!

Saturday, February 12, 2005

still hurting

Its around 7 in the morning and Im getting ready for work at Charlies 745ish-1ish. My shoulder is still killing me so Rick is driving me in. Ive been on bedrest the entire week, I havent gone to work or school and nothing is helping it. It really is starting to worry me because I dont understand why it still hurts. I might end up having to go to my doctor some time next week if that is the case. After I work, Im going to join Rick at his Nanas for the afternoon and then Im coming home to rest and I cant wait.

Im so happy that we had 2 snow days this week, one on Thursday and the other on Friday. Friday I was supposed to have an exam so I lucked out and plus, all these snowdays made it great because I would have had to miss them anyways because of the bedrest deal.

I registered my car yesterday.... 332.32. Ouch. Not 400.00 though so thats a good thing. I was supposed to save up my money in 2 weeks to register it, and when I work limited amounts and go to school it was impossible. My parents said they would front the rest and I would pay them back. I ended up saving 310.00 which was impressive. I can actually save money, who knew?

Well, Im off.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005



Monday night after work my right arm started to kill me, and I wasnt sure what the problem was. I figured I had pulled it wrong or something, and I figured it would be okay. It hurt so bad that night it brought me to tears, and those who know me know I dont cry because of pain that easily. Rick rubbed my shoulder with icy hot before bed and I fell asleep. At 130 in the morning I woke up, and my whole neck/shoulder was throbbing worse than the evening before so I went to the ER. They told me I have biceps tendonitis. Great. They dont know what caused it but they said that I need to take a couple days off from work and school to rest. They gave me a shot of corizone in my bum, and Im taking a muscle relaxer and vicidin. Yesterday I slept for 20 out of 24 hours.. I was just so out of it. I figured that this morning I would feel well enough to go to work and class, and Im definitely wrong, it kills still. So right now Im eating a bowl of cereal so I can take my medicine and go lay down. This has not been a good couple of days! Ricks been great through it all though, getting me anything and everything I need, helping me lay into bed, helping me up. I couldnt ask for anything more...

Monday, February 07, 2005

mmm black...

raspberry vanilla lotion from bath and body is amazing...


So, I'm a bit bummed, I wont lie.

Rick and I had a little overnight trip to Portsmouth planned to celebrate Valentines Day and its just not going to work out, which sucks. I mean, we had the hotel all booked and everything but money is just too tight as of right now. I bought a new car, registration of $400 is due by Friday.. and I mean the cell phone bill is due next week so I guess not going is in both of our best interests, financially anyways. Still though, it sucks.

This weekend was so long, and I hated it. On Friday I had a quiz is A&P and then she let us go early because she has the flu. Awesome right? No. The class starts at 8:30 so by 9 I was done and had nothing to do. I had to work at DQ at noon.. so I just went back to my parents house. Rick was in town because he had a doctors appointment ( he was so sick :( poor baby) so after he called in sick from work he came and hung out with at my parents for a couple of hours, which was nice. Then I went to work at DQ 12-3, then I went back to my parents house and then I worked at Charlies 4-8. Not too bad of a day. Then Saturday I worked at Charlies in service from 745-1245, then I hopped over to Toyota and worked 1-6. Such a friggin long day. To make it worse, I didnt even eat lunch while I was over there. There was no one to watch the phones for the 5 minutes it would have taken for me to heat up a hot pocket. Damn them. It was my first day at Toyota so I was a bit nervous because stuff is different there and I really didnt want to mess up. I probably did though and its okay! Man, that was such a long day.

Sunday we woke up around 9, and I played the Sims for what seemed like forever. I wanted to do nothing... absolutely nothing, I wasnt in the mood. Then around 2 we headed down to Augusta to do laundry at his fathers and then we went to his nanas! She knitted this kick ass hat, Im going to wear that thing everywhere. Its awesome. So after all that, we went to my parents and hung out there for the superbowl. My mom made snacks: scallops wrapped in bacon, chex mix, finger sandwiches, stuffed mushroom caps and I'm sure there was something else, I just cant remember. My mom wanted DQ so Rick, Joel, and I took my car*newcar!!!* to get some DQ and then we watched the game. Around halftime we left because I wanted to get home to watch Desperate Housewives, which wasnt even on at 9, and then at 10 was a friggin rerun. Who does that? I waited for an hour to see an episode Ive already seen. Ugh. People.

So today, what am I doing? Well, I woke up, couldnt get online, called Adelphia and boom, here I am. I have A&P lab from 1-3, and then Im working at Charlies 430-8. Not a horrible day. Tomorrow Im working at DQ 9-3, and then Weds I have a docs appointment.


Thursday, February 03, 2005

You know..

that feeling where you ate way too much but you didnt eat much at all? Im totally going through that right now. I made 2 sandwiches to use up the rest of the tomato and lettuce and after eating one I couldnt even take 2 bites from the second one without throwing it away. Blah. My stomach definitely hates me right now.

So, nothing much has been going on. Tomorrow I have my first A&P quiz and Im pretty nervous about it. I spent about an hour tonight studying with Rick, and Im going to study for another hour or so before bed, and then of course right before the quiz. Its the first one of the semester for me, and its in my hardest class so Im hoping I set the semester off on the right foot.

Im working alot in the next 2 days, tomorrow Im working 12-3, then 430-8, then on Saturday 745-1 then 1-6. Its okay though because I need to try to get the money to register my car... its going to be about $400.00. Ouch. Then my first car payment is due on March 17th, so I know I will be able to get my $275.00 together for that one. I cant believe that I actually bought a car and all of this goes towards my credit. I wont be messing this one up, thats for sure!!!!

Well, thats all for now. Im going to play the Sims a bit before I study!