Monday, February 07, 2005

mmm black...

raspberry vanilla lotion from bath and body is amazing...


So, I'm a bit bummed, I wont lie.

Rick and I had a little overnight trip to Portsmouth planned to celebrate Valentines Day and its just not going to work out, which sucks. I mean, we had the hotel all booked and everything but money is just too tight as of right now. I bought a new car, registration of $400 is due by Friday.. and I mean the cell phone bill is due next week so I guess not going is in both of our best interests, financially anyways. Still though, it sucks.

This weekend was so long, and I hated it. On Friday I had a quiz is A&P and then she let us go early because she has the flu. Awesome right? No. The class starts at 8:30 so by 9 I was done and had nothing to do. I had to work at DQ at noon.. so I just went back to my parents house. Rick was in town because he had a doctors appointment ( he was so sick :( poor baby) so after he called in sick from work he came and hung out with at my parents for a couple of hours, which was nice. Then I went to work at DQ 12-3, then I went back to my parents house and then I worked at Charlies 4-8. Not too bad of a day. Then Saturday I worked at Charlies in service from 745-1245, then I hopped over to Toyota and worked 1-6. Such a friggin long day. To make it worse, I didnt even eat lunch while I was over there. There was no one to watch the phones for the 5 minutes it would have taken for me to heat up a hot pocket. Damn them. It was my first day at Toyota so I was a bit nervous because stuff is different there and I really didnt want to mess up. I probably did though and its okay! Man, that was such a long day.

Sunday we woke up around 9, and I played the Sims for what seemed like forever. I wanted to do nothing... absolutely nothing, I wasnt in the mood. Then around 2 we headed down to Augusta to do laundry at his fathers and then we went to his nanas! She knitted this kick ass hat, Im going to wear that thing everywhere. Its awesome. So after all that, we went to my parents and hung out there for the superbowl. My mom made snacks: scallops wrapped in bacon, chex mix, finger sandwiches, stuffed mushroom caps and I'm sure there was something else, I just cant remember. My mom wanted DQ so Rick, Joel, and I took my car*newcar!!!* to get some DQ and then we watched the game. Around halftime we left because I wanted to get home to watch Desperate Housewives, which wasnt even on at 9, and then at 10 was a friggin rerun. Who does that? I waited for an hour to see an episode Ive already seen. Ugh. People.

So today, what am I doing? Well, I woke up, couldnt get online, called Adelphia and boom, here I am. I have A&P lab from 1-3, and then Im working at Charlies 430-8. Not a horrible day. Tomorrow Im working at DQ 9-3, and then Weds I have a docs appointment.


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