Monday, February 28, 2005

Let it...

Snow Snow Snow!!! :)

I definitely dont think there will be class tomorrow night, which is wonderful because I have an exam in Accounting that Rick and I arent really prepared for it. Ick. I have an exam in every class this week too, welcome back to school. I had my first ap lab practical today.. I think it went alright.. hard but alright. Tomorrow Accounting, Weds Politics & Gov't, Thursday Nutrition &Comp, Friday.. nothing.. but I have a lecture from 830-1. Holy Hell. Im hoping I do okay!!

Saturday I worked, went to Ricks Nanas after, and then Rick, Jen, Josh, and I went to Portland for dinner to celebrate Jens Bday. Woooooooo. We had a good time, I ate too much though, got sick like normal. Oh well. Life. It was a good time, nice to get away from town. Earlier that day I hung out at my parents house with Joel and his friends and Courtney and Amy (LOOOVE YOU) dropped by which was great because I hadnt seen either of them in awhile.

Ive been talking to Danielle tonight... man how I miss her. Its hard when one of the people you feel closest to is far away. I mean, shes really not far away but with work and school Biddeford is a bit of a drive. She honestly is one of the best people around and I just miss her to death. Shes just great, and makes me feel good about my life, and what Im doing when some people just shit on it. Thanks for believing in me mama.

Time for Bed.

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