Tuesday, February 22, 2005

so why dont you...

do something... Rick and I just saw that video and what the hell kind of song is that? Discuss. Weird.

My arm is feeling a lot better. Friday my mom hired a masseuse to come and massage me... it was amazing let me tell you. I just loved it!!! I wish I was rich and could do that every day, it would be the best thing!!! She thinks the reason why my arm and neck did what it did was because of my new car.. and when we thought of things that changed in the past two weeks (like school load, work etc) the only thing that was different was that car, and the seats and lumbar support were completely different so I have adjusted everything now. My shoulder/neck doesnt hurt but my forearm and elbow do, kind of like tennis elbow, but its way better then what I had before.

This week is February break!! Wooo :) I havent done much at all which is fine by me. Yesterday I worked 430-8 and today I worked 12-3. Tomorrow Im working 5-cl. Eh, not as many hours as I would have hoped but theres still time! :) I have so many exams next week that I need to study for so I really need to get my ass in gear and start studying for them, my grades need to be right up there. On the nursing list I'm #52 for clinicals and they admit 48 each year. What the hell. Im 4 away. This sucks. My advisor says that she believes I will be admitted in the summer because people usually tend to drop out or things come up. Im hoping that is the case! I want to get this nursing thing on the road!!!

Besides that nothing much is going on. Friday is my Dads Bday and Saturday is Jens! Party Party!!

Well, Im going to get going! Stetson-Out!

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