Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Ricks 22nd bday

So on Saturday I threw a party for Rick. Lets see who came... Phil, Erica, Tyler, Amy, Derek, Kirstan, Joel, Jen and Josh. Not sure if Im forgetting anyone but its possible. Oh yeah, my parents did stop by because they went out to dinner for their 22nd wedding anniversary! Congrats to them. We had a good time.. some stuff happened that I dont think I'll go into but we had an okay time for the most part. Phil was drunk by 7:30, it was great. Amy was my favorite. She tripped going into the kitchen and was like, I just tripped and fell into the Galactica.... which sounds like star wars. Then I smacked her in the face with my boob and shes like, Showing a boob is like showing a chocolate chip cookie.... odd one. It was so weird though, after an hour of resting, Amy sobered up like no other, what a champ!!!!

I posted pictures from the party on my webshots thingie.

Lets see what else is happening.. not too much actually. Im pretty bored right now but I have to work at 430 so I guess thats okay. Today is the last day in May and my 2 weeks off from school have gone by really fast, so Im hoping the rest of my summer vayk wont... especially where I havent done anything really because of all of this damn rain. It gets me so tired and sad I hate it. I want some sunny weather.. and then some beach days...

Sometimes you cant change things.. or people for that matter and thats hard, especially when you desperately wish them to. We are all desperate at times, for certain things that maybe we cant even begin to describe. Life does that to us. We are thrown into the middle of a crowded room.... on a rollercoaster of a ride, and are expected to survive the punches thrown at us. Im tired of surviving those punches... I want a break from it all. Sit me down, let me breathe and let me hope for a calmer tomorrow. Will it come? I pray it.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

down came the rain...

So the froggies we bought in NH... 3 out of the 4 are dead :( Its horrible. When they died we took them out and their tummies were all red.. they had a froggie disease. I called Portsmouth to talk to the place we got them at and they said it can sometimes happen and when I was reading online it said that if the person who is selling you the frogs can hold them in their hands to get them for you it means that they are sick anyways... and the girl caught one frog with the net and it took her forever so she went in with her hands for the other 3.. and there is only 1 left, the one she caught with the net. Im pissed.

Today Im working 12-3 at dq.. then at Charlies from 430-8. Not too bad. Im just feeling tired and whatnot because all it is doing is raining.. and I hate that! I need a little bit of sunshine here.. plus when it rains any shift.. whether its 6 hours or 3 hours at dq feels like a lifetime... blah...

Well, I guess thats all for now... I need to take a shower and eat lunch before work. woo...

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Its been about a month...

so let me update you on EVERYTHING that has gone on.

School: Well, as many of my friends know I was having serious issues with one of my teachers, and after talking to the dean and a zillion other people he finally gave me a withdraw passing grade, which is unbelievable because now I for sure will be in my nursing clinicals in the fall. I am very excited about that one to say the least. My other classes Im doing okay in. I think I got C's in Accounting and A&P which is okay... a B in Nutrition and an A in computer. Thank God that this semester is over. Now, I wont have to worry about anything until September 6, well besides some of my nursing orientation days and my CPR, doctor stuff. Oh well, Im not stressing!

Work: Work is going well.. Im not working too too much at DQ now but maybe that will change soon. The Western Ave DQ was robbed at gunpoint, so Im thinking maybe some of the parents will pull some of their kids out.. Im not really sure but anything is possible. At Charlies Im working 16 hours one week and the next it is about 20, so Im satisfied with that.

* So this past Friday Rick and I went to Ben and Ashleys wedding which turned out to be pretty fun. Amy and I just laughed through lots of it, which was great and I had a fun time. The best memory from that whole wedding is when Tyler caught the garter and didnt realize he had to put it on Katie who caught the bouquet. It was a riot. My dad was laughing so hard... and that was great to see because my dad doesnt laugh like that very often! Rick and I were leaving the wedding reception.. and the last song they played was *ours* and him and I had never danced to it before... and he dropped everything.. and we went back inside to dance to it for the first time. It was great and its something I know that I will remember for the rest of my life.

Rick and I on Saturday left for our overnight trip to Portsmouth and we got there at 1:30 and decided that we would just drive around looking for some places to shop, preferably a big huge mall. We saw that there was one in Nashua, so instead of taking the highway, which looked like it was going to take years, we took back roads. Dumb us, 2 1/2 hours later we finally found it!! :) Very happy I was let me tell you! We went in there and I bought Rick a couple birthday gifts... :) and then we went back to the hotel, checked in, and then ate dinner. It was good, a little overpriced, but good none the less. We went back to the Comfort Inn, and went in the hot tub until maybe 945... then we went back to the room and were asleep by 10:30. Hahaha... we had a good night though!! :) This morning we woke up, packed our stuff, and were in Portland by around.. 12:15.. and we had lunch at TGIFridays.. our fav.. and then we got into Waterville at 2:30. But does the excitement end there? No. We went to the ER!!! Ricks foot had been killing him since Friday and it was starting to look pretty bad so we went, and they think he might have a stress fracture and hes out of work for the week and is on crutches with an air cast. I feel so bad for him, but Im around to take care of him!!

Thats all for now... long update huh! :)