Monday, January 31, 2005

Beep Beep!

So today.. I bought a new car.
2005 Nissan Sentra baby :) Its awesome, its like a light green color... Jason my salesmen said it was like seafoam green so just to give you a visual. Its not that anything was wrong w/ my car, but it was almost at 90,000 miles and I figure that it would be sooner than later that my transmission would go or something and I definitely dont have $1000 to dish out for that one so I opted to get a new one. I would have gone used but I wanted something with low miles where I drive everyday. It cost me a little more than I would have liked to spend. Okay, Im lying. These payments are high, almost $300 a month. I know I can do it during the summer, so Im not worried about that, but winter is always the season that I get less hours and there are holidays so money becomes tight. I can do it... I can do it.. The first thing though that I need to do is register this bad girl, and they told me it will be right around $400, and that is due in 2 weeks. Save Jill save!!!

Besides that though, nothing else much has been going on. Work has been going alright, schools okay.... we had to dissect pregnant rats. It was so horrible, it kind of made me sad. I just dont like the idea of cutting open animals, and now especially those that were w/ child. I know they arent humans but still, it makes me a bit sad. At least it wasnt a cat though, I guess I will have to agree with some people on that.

Well, Im tired and I need to go to bed, Im working 9-3 tomorrow and I have Accounting 4-645 so I need some rest!

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

SnOw SnOw!

Today was an all around okay day. I woke up early around 8, right when Rick left for work. I honestly didnt think that I was going to wake up so early because I could barely keep my eyes open but I decided to get up and do some stuff around the apartment. I ended up doing some reading for Intro to Politics and Government and some studying for my A&P class. I did laundry, watched Dr. Phil (LOVE HIM), and yeah, just had a chill day. Class was cancelled, thank goodness. The roads around here were horrible, I watched a car slide down my road and into the neighbors fence. Haha.... well not really.

A new Walmart opened up like 2 miles down the road from us so Rick and I decided to brave the nasty weather and give it a looksee. Its pretty nice, pretty big. I ended up buying all sorts of fruits and veggies because for Nutrition we have to map out our meals so she can see what we eat and she is going to link that to certain issues we have with our bodies (diseases etc). Im also trying to get all my nutrients, and vitamins from food rather than from a supplement, but dont you think I might be taking a couple of these for the next couple of days while I go on this lower carb, high veggie/high fruit, low low fat protein thing. Maybe this class will help me put a restriction on certain things I eat. Who knows. Today I ended up having a huge salad, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, celery, fat free ranch, and tuna. Oh yeah, and a granola bar for breakfast and 2 cups of Corn Flakes for a snack. My calorie intake was 928. I personally thought what I ate was peachy keen and right on target but according to the pyramid and dietary requirements, I should have eaten more fruit, drank way more water and not had that granola bar and cereal. Oh well.

Rick, Jen, Josh and I played Halo2 on XBOX live.. and we played with my brother and Ricks cousin Matt. It was alright, I still suck at it but its fun when there are a bunch of people playing. We played that for an hour or so and then Rick and I watched Cellular, the last of our three movies I rented. It was okay, I mean I enjoyed it, but it could have been better.

Oh well, thats all for now, I might play the SIMS a bit before I call it a night. I have class 1-7 tomorrow... its going to be a long day!


Guess the mantra worked.... no class tonight :)


no snow day...

cancel class tonight...

cancel class tonight...

And that will be my mantra until it happens....

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

please snow...

You know, this is going to sound horrible, but its only the second week into classes and Im hoping that theres a snow day tomorrow. I mean, I know its wishful thinking because we arent supposed to get much but seriously, Im crossing my fingers that mother nature decides that I need a mental health day.

So, Im kind of excited! Rick and I are getting away for Valentines Day, well, the weekend of Vday because its on a monday this year. We have talked about going out of state and Im hoping that we find something! Ive been searching all night and have found some really nice places that are around 100 a night, and I think him and I would honestly have a wonderful time together. I think we might be looking to go to NH, or MA. I was thinking VT would be wonderful but that would mean that most of the day on Saturday would be driving and I am going to be working until at least 1 so thats not going to work for me. If we go to NH we can drive down after work, enjoy dinner, head out on the town, and do whatever. The next day we can go shopping and just have a great day. I wish we could do a mini cruise or something because I would love more then anything for Valentines Day to be super romantic this year because to be honest with you, we have been so caught up in school and work that we havent given much time to romance one another and we all need it so hopefully this little getaway will be just what we need!!! Ricks wonderful, but I think we need to vamp it up a bit :)

Well, thats all for now to be honest with you. Nothing much is going on around here, we had accounting tonight... that went well. Not too hard yet, so Im happy about that one. My fishtank looks rad. I love it. No fish yet though, but I will go buy some probably after payday.. or in the near future. Its really hard having bills like I do but I mean, Im handling it to the best of my ability. Growing up is difficult, especially while being in school and not working as much as you should be.

Monday, January 24, 2005

A&P =death

Today I had my first Anatomy and Physiology lab and I think that class is going to kill me. My teacher is a nazi. She has a zillion rules and it feels like Im back in 1st grade. First, if we talk when she does, we lose a point off of our final grades. If we leave the room to use the bathroom, we lose a point off of our final grades. If our cell phones go off we lose a point. If in lab we do not hang up our coats and bags together (1st grade dejavu) we lose a point. She is nuts. She also says that if we dont study for 2 hours a day for 6 days we will fail, and you know what scares me? At least 7 people in my class failed her class last semester. That class is going to be my most challenging let me tell you. Im not slacking in that class though, and Im trying to do above and beyond so I dont fall behind because Im guessing once you do, you dont get back on track.

Hmm.. Nothing much else is going on around here. My car is making weird noises, Kirstan can agree with me there. I dont know, I hope its not my transmission or something, that would kick my ass and there would be no way in the world I could pay to get that fixed, even at Charlies where I get my discount. OH speaking of Charlies, I got offered another receptionist job at Charlies Toyota for every other Saturday pretty much, which is great because I will be working at the main showroom and at Toyota. Im going to get to know many more people there and I definitely love that feeling. Im getting great names to add to my resume references.

Thats all for now, I actually think Im going to ask Rick for help in setting up my new fish tank!!!!

Sunday, January 23, 2005

Mud and Suds baby!

So, its been three whole months since I have updated this thing, unreal how fast time goes by now a days! Sometimes it seems as if Im constantly trying to catch up with everything that is going on because Im still a week behind, if that makes any sense.

My birthday was this past Friday, Im 20 now :) Rock on. But let me tell you, getting to Friday was almost the hardest thing ever. I dont know why turning 20 was a hard day for me but it was. I dont know, its weird thinking that Im getting that much closer to being a nurse, that much closer to graduation, that much closer to being an adult and on my own. Its scary.... and Im not sure if I completely like it. Rick brought me to Portland for the day and we went to the mall and ended up going out to lunch at TGIFridays. MMM :) Then we came back to Augusta and met up with Amy, Oppy, Danielle, and Kirstan... and then we went to MUD AND SUDS :) Brad Paisley, Sara Evans, and Andy Griggs. It was amazing, even though Amy elbowed me twice *love you still!* and I was told by an old man behind me to settle down. Asshole. It was a great night though, I saw Heidi from work and it was amazing. Plus, Sara Evans waved to me, and my whole section knew it was my birthday! It was great!! Then Kirstan came home with me and Rick had 4 bouquets of flowers for me with these diamond and blue topaz chandeler earrings. They are gorgeous! :) It was a great bday to say the least.

So lets see what else is going on. Rick and I are still doing wonderful, and I cant wait to finally marry him. Our friends Ben and Ashley are getting married in May and Im so excited for them but seeing them get married is getting me anxious. But I mean, I still want to wait until we are out of school with decent jobs so we can afford the whole wedding. Hes a wonderful guy and we are going strong.

Thats all for now, Rick, Jen and Josh want to play Halo... so I might as well do it right? Nothing to do around here... we have a blizzard warning so Im not going to be leaving here today! Maybe I'll do some homework later... because I have a lot to do!! School. Ugh.