Monday, January 31, 2005

Beep Beep!

So today.. I bought a new car.
2005 Nissan Sentra baby :) Its awesome, its like a light green color... Jason my salesmen said it was like seafoam green so just to give you a visual. Its not that anything was wrong w/ my car, but it was almost at 90,000 miles and I figure that it would be sooner than later that my transmission would go or something and I definitely dont have $1000 to dish out for that one so I opted to get a new one. I would have gone used but I wanted something with low miles where I drive everyday. It cost me a little more than I would have liked to spend. Okay, Im lying. These payments are high, almost $300 a month. I know I can do it during the summer, so Im not worried about that, but winter is always the season that I get less hours and there are holidays so money becomes tight. I can do it... I can do it.. The first thing though that I need to do is register this bad girl, and they told me it will be right around $400, and that is due in 2 weeks. Save Jill save!!!

Besides that though, nothing else much has been going on. Work has been going alright, schools okay.... we had to dissect pregnant rats. It was so horrible, it kind of made me sad. I just dont like the idea of cutting open animals, and now especially those that were w/ child. I know they arent humans but still, it makes me a bit sad. At least it wasnt a cat though, I guess I will have to agree with some people on that.

Well, Im tired and I need to go to bed, Im working 9-3 tomorrow and I have Accounting 4-645 so I need some rest!

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