Tuesday, January 25, 2005

please snow...

You know, this is going to sound horrible, but its only the second week into classes and Im hoping that theres a snow day tomorrow. I mean, I know its wishful thinking because we arent supposed to get much but seriously, Im crossing my fingers that mother nature decides that I need a mental health day.

So, Im kind of excited! Rick and I are getting away for Valentines Day, well, the weekend of Vday because its on a monday this year. We have talked about going out of state and Im hoping that we find something! Ive been searching all night and have found some really nice places that are around 100 a night, and I think him and I would honestly have a wonderful time together. I think we might be looking to go to NH, or MA. I was thinking VT would be wonderful but that would mean that most of the day on Saturday would be driving and I am going to be working until at least 1 so thats not going to work for me. If we go to NH we can drive down after work, enjoy dinner, head out on the town, and do whatever. The next day we can go shopping and just have a great day. I wish we could do a mini cruise or something because I would love more then anything for Valentines Day to be super romantic this year because to be honest with you, we have been so caught up in school and work that we havent given much time to romance one another and we all need it so hopefully this little getaway will be just what we need!!! Ricks wonderful, but I think we need to vamp it up a bit :)

Well, thats all for now to be honest with you. Nothing much is going on around here, we had accounting tonight... that went well. Not too hard yet, so Im happy about that one. My fishtank looks rad. I love it. No fish yet though, but I will go buy some probably after payday.. or in the near future. Its really hard having bills like I do but I mean, Im handling it to the best of my ability. Growing up is difficult, especially while being in school and not working as much as you should be.

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