Wednesday, January 26, 2005

SnOw SnOw!

Today was an all around okay day. I woke up early around 8, right when Rick left for work. I honestly didnt think that I was going to wake up so early because I could barely keep my eyes open but I decided to get up and do some stuff around the apartment. I ended up doing some reading for Intro to Politics and Government and some studying for my A&P class. I did laundry, watched Dr. Phil (LOVE HIM), and yeah, just had a chill day. Class was cancelled, thank goodness. The roads around here were horrible, I watched a car slide down my road and into the neighbors fence. Haha.... well not really.

A new Walmart opened up like 2 miles down the road from us so Rick and I decided to brave the nasty weather and give it a looksee. Its pretty nice, pretty big. I ended up buying all sorts of fruits and veggies because for Nutrition we have to map out our meals so she can see what we eat and she is going to link that to certain issues we have with our bodies (diseases etc). Im also trying to get all my nutrients, and vitamins from food rather than from a supplement, but dont you think I might be taking a couple of these for the next couple of days while I go on this lower carb, high veggie/high fruit, low low fat protein thing. Maybe this class will help me put a restriction on certain things I eat. Who knows. Today I ended up having a huge salad, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, celery, fat free ranch, and tuna. Oh yeah, and a granola bar for breakfast and 2 cups of Corn Flakes for a snack. My calorie intake was 928. I personally thought what I ate was peachy keen and right on target but according to the pyramid and dietary requirements, I should have eaten more fruit, drank way more water and not had that granola bar and cereal. Oh well.

Rick, Jen, Josh and I played Halo2 on XBOX live.. and we played with my brother and Ricks cousin Matt. It was alright, I still suck at it but its fun when there are a bunch of people playing. We played that for an hour or so and then Rick and I watched Cellular, the last of our three movies I rented. It was okay, I mean I enjoyed it, but it could have been better.

Oh well, thats all for now, I might play the SIMS a bit before I call it a night. I have class 1-7 tomorrow... its going to be a long day!

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