Friday, June 12, 2009

I want to be a baker! ... maybe not.

This past week or so has been crazy, full of uncertainty, fear, frustration and excitement all rolled into five dysfunctional days.

Monday I was admitted into the hospital for a seizure study where I had 26 electrodes stuck onto my head and forehead.. and then I was sentenced to bed rest where I was constantly being video taped and recorded by microphone just in case something were to happen, they were able to see/hear what was going on. Needless to say after much stimulation, no seizure happened, however... cardiac wise I had some issues and was put on a heart monitor, and had a CT scan w/ contrast, dopplar ultrasound of both of my legs to make sure there were no clots, and then blood drawn from both arms and hands and then a blood gas reading in my wrist. I wanted to freak out and I did. I cried and that sucks but I was in the hospital so I really didnt care. On Tuesday my mom dropped in and gave me a really pretty card and a frog windchime and then Amy and Jim dropped by and brought me flowers, lasagne, 3 magazines, candy and coke! haha :) It was nice to see people. Then on Wednesday my dad dropped by unexpectantly which was really great and then of course Thursday I was released. However, when the electrodes were removed from my head I started bleeding and the ones that were on my head you could see the burns and the blisters.. and literally my forehead is purple and extremely bumpy. It looks disgusting. I hope it goes away soon

So Rick and I ordered the wedding invitations, picked out all the wording, the font and all that jazz... and we scheduled a time to meet with our cake lady and are working to find a time to meet with our photographer! I am really excited. Things are starting to really come together. I am going to work on finishing up pew bows soon because I want to get them done with.

Work is going alright. I was out all week and can go back on Monday but I am doing alright with my realignment statistics and I am hoping come August I can get a better shift, at least one that ends around 8 or 9 at least. Working until 11 has been really messing up my sleep cycle and stuff like that.
Hm.. what do to now? Well.. maybe watch a movie.. do some yoga because I need to stretch out and yeah.. work on some wedding program stuff because my lovely amazing brother is going to help me out!!! Thank you Bubba!!

Oh and...

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Monday, June 08, 2009

You're my only reason for staying alive...

if that's what I am - New Moon
*cant WAIT for that movie!!! fyi*

So in 4.5 hours I get admitted into the hospital until Thursday afternoon and Im not happy at all about this, I am actually dreading it in every aspect. Some people are like hey its a vacation, you are out of work, but I would rather be there.. working.. earning money.. doing my part. I need to do better at work.. I need to make money to pay for this wedding and this week being out is really hurting Rick and I financially. Its enough to get me down but the only light at the end of the tunnel is my neurologist finding out what is really wrong with me so we can fix it. That would be the silver lining in all of this, a simple answer. With that being said... I will have no tv or computer and will most likely be going crazy so if you have one of my numbers shoot me a text or something. Trust me, I will be in the mood to talk!

Im excited about the wedding stuff though, we bought our wedding invitations! Soooooooo happy! Rick and I need to sit down, finalize the wording, the font, the RSVP date all that stuff. Hey everyone.. what should the RSVP date be if the wedding is a holiday weekend (the Saturday after Thanksgiving) ?? Any input and advice would be most appreciated.
Rick surprised me. Yay. I wanted Russell Brand's book... called "Booky Wook" and Rick kept on making fun of me because it was shit etc and I just wanted it so bad because in the hospital I cant have anything plugged in in my room because of the electrical interference (tv, computer etc) and that book would keep me busy. I begged for it but after Saturday passed and we came home and partied with most of our wedding party minus Danielle, Joel and Luc (which fucking rocked, I love you all and it was much needed!!!) we didnt buy the book. I didnt think too much about it, just a book but tonight when I got home and went to check something in the bag of things I am bringing with me.. there it was.. the Booky Wook! <3 YAY! I can just imagine Rick and Matt going into Barnes and Noble buying a Russell Brand book.. and its hot pink and black. You guys always go and do weird stuff together like that time you guys went to go find that chair and went to all these furnature stores. haha. You guys would be cute together if you werent related.

Rick is husband material, even though he got Hitler as his answer to the quiz about which crazy ass fucker from the past would you be. I love you so much. <3

During game night I won at phase 10 even though I semi cheated off of Alicia's cards and I seriously kept on beating Matt, Erica, Amy, Jim and Ben at Buzz to the point where Matt threatened to leave our wedding party! Oh Matthew John. Such a brat!! Thank you all for coming over though.. I really needed it.. I was really down about going into the hospital and even though I am still nervous and sad as all hell, that little break really did help. Special thanks to Josh for some interesting pictures... and poor Jen for being so tired :( damn graduate school!!!

Alright.. so Tminus 4 hours until I get admitted.. 3 hours until Rick wakes up. I might try to sleep for an hour or so.. but I figure I will do some sleeping once I get there. Off to finish up packing.. finish this movie.. and then.. a nap.