Tuesday, November 16, 2010

day one of blogging

I thought to myself the other day that writing everyday would be therapeutic and helpful... I mean, what could it hurt? Exactly. I just installed the blog to my blackberry so when I'm on the go I can still write.

I played around a bit on foursquare earlier and I thought to myself.. Holy shit that site is intended for stalkers I swear! I think many of us just want to have the ability to see what people are doing at an time. Some level of privacy has flown out the window. I can't say much though. I use and live by facebook. I diddle with twitter and foursquare and of course I write here sporadically for anyone to read.

Lately I have been on an organic food kick. I know its crazy but I have been doing research on foods that have been genetically modified and how that impacts the body. Even my beloved Coke has GMO's so its a wake up. Especially with the fact that we don't need to be notified of such things. It makes you think like.. Is what I'm eating chemical free? Like raw milk for example. I know, I know, I cringed too at the thought but some of the benefits are remarkable. It is illegal to sell it in most states because the process.. And drinking homogenized milk and milk by products is all that many have been introduced to and is all they know. One documentary I watched had blurred out faces of members of the FDA purchasing raw milk on the "black market" for farming. Crazy!

Chocolate soy milk = love.

We are moving! Its not the plan that I may have had years ago... To be moving into another apartment but the pros far outweigh the cons. Pro.. Is that it is in a secure building. The rent is the same but we now pay electricity. Cable and internet will be less expensive. Oh and we have a storage now. I think in the long run it will be a good thing!

Alright day one is done!