Thursday, February 03, 2005

You know..

that feeling where you ate way too much but you didnt eat much at all? Im totally going through that right now. I made 2 sandwiches to use up the rest of the tomato and lettuce and after eating one I couldnt even take 2 bites from the second one without throwing it away. Blah. My stomach definitely hates me right now.

So, nothing much has been going on. Tomorrow I have my first A&P quiz and Im pretty nervous about it. I spent about an hour tonight studying with Rick, and Im going to study for another hour or so before bed, and then of course right before the quiz. Its the first one of the semester for me, and its in my hardest class so Im hoping I set the semester off on the right foot.

Im working alot in the next 2 days, tomorrow Im working 12-3, then 430-8, then on Saturday 745-1 then 1-6. Its okay though because I need to try to get the money to register my car... its going to be about $400.00. Ouch. Then my first car payment is due on March 17th, so I know I will be able to get my $275.00 together for that one. I cant believe that I actually bought a car and all of this goes towards my credit. I wont be messing this one up, thats for sure!!!!

Well, thats all for now. Im going to play the Sims a bit before I study!

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