Saturday, February 12, 2005

still hurting

Its around 7 in the morning and Im getting ready for work at Charlies 745ish-1ish. My shoulder is still killing me so Rick is driving me in. Ive been on bedrest the entire week, I havent gone to work or school and nothing is helping it. It really is starting to worry me because I dont understand why it still hurts. I might end up having to go to my doctor some time next week if that is the case. After I work, Im going to join Rick at his Nanas for the afternoon and then Im coming home to rest and I cant wait.

Im so happy that we had 2 snow days this week, one on Thursday and the other on Friday. Friday I was supposed to have an exam so I lucked out and plus, all these snowdays made it great because I would have had to miss them anyways because of the bedrest deal.

I registered my car yesterday.... 332.32. Ouch. Not 400.00 though so thats a good thing. I was supposed to save up my money in 2 weeks to register it, and when I work limited amounts and go to school it was impossible. My parents said they would front the rest and I would pay them back. I ended up saving 310.00 which was impressive. I can actually save money, who knew?

Well, Im off.

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