Wednesday, February 16, 2005

and the pain continues

My arm/shoulder/neck is still killing me. On Monday I called in sick at Charlies and went to my doctor. She said that there is nothing she can do for me and that it will just get better. She really didnt listen to what I had to say and I was dying in pain and she gave me nothing for it. All she told me was to take ibuprofen 3x day. Not too happy. Tuesday I called out of DQ and rested all day which was nice because I needed it but the pain was unbearable. Today however, I decided to give it a shot and I went into DQ. I was on Western Ave but they switched me around because I couldnt make cakes fast because my right arm was killing me.. so then I went to Bangor Street. I was moving around a case of mix which probably weighs.. I dont know.. 10 lbs maybe.. and my shoulder popped and I about bawled my way out of there. I left DQ for the day, called my mom and asked her to go to the docs with me so i wasnt walked on. We ended up going to the ER and the doctor was wonderful. He did say though that all I do have is tendonitis but my arm should be in a sling 50% of the time during the day to get some of the stress off of my shoulder. He gave me some medication and it still hurts but the sling and heating pad is helping a bit. It sucks though.. it really does.

OH YEAH! :) For Valentines Day Rick and I exchanged our little gifts, even though all I gave him was a card because my gifts didnt arrive on time :( damn ups. He bought me the Notebook, 12 candles that are adorable in little tins, and truffles :) So sweet. What I bought him was 3lbs of chocolate and a love bucket, which had candy, cookies, and all sorts of yummy stuff in it. I also chipped in $20.00 bucks to get him a video game he has wanted since before Christmas. It was great. For dinner we had chicken parm and for dessert we had chocolate fondue.. white and semi sweet chocolate with pound cake, pretzels, and cream filled lady fingers to dip in it. It was wonderful. I love him lots and lots!! Hes my Richard Neil.

Today I watched Dr. Phil and it was pre marital bootcamp and they were doing all of these tasks to get them better ready for marriage and I was just like, Holy Goodlord. Rick and I have been doing these for over a year now and we are getting so much better with certain aspects of our relationship. I am learning more and more to cherish everything he does for me. Watching that show made me proud of where him and I have come with this relationship of ours :)

Well, I should be getting my arm back in that thing!

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