Thursday, March 10, 2005

I bought 3 new...

family members today!! :) All fishies :) I bought a green fish, named Envy, a little silver one with peach fins, and her name is Peachy, and then I bought a silver one, and Rick named him... Mr. Sparkle. Haha :) I dont know why but he did! They're too cute. I've never had fish before but I have all of the stuff I need. My parents bought me the tank, hood, heater, and pump for Christmas, and I bought the background, air pump with bubble curtain, all the stuff inside of it, little froggie statues, aquarium salts w/ electrolites, stress coat to de-chlorine the water, and something else that has bacteria which is good for the fish! I hope I dont kill them. Yeah, I bought some fishie food too!

So what else is going on in my life... hmm nothing more than school, homework, work, and family, which is fine by me. I just find myself getting really tired really easy lately, but I mean what can I do right? Schools going alright, Im going to be in the nursing program this fall, which is mucho exciting because I will be an RN in 2 years, and Im still working towards my Public Administrations bachelors too. Busy me. Busy me.

Work is fine... my baby is just wonderful... and thats about it for me!

I know this isnt a huge update but I need to get some rest.. I have A&P lecture 830-1. Holy Goodlord!!

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