Monday, March 14, 2005


I bought 3 new fish!!! :) One is an algae sucker named Suckasuckafish, and then one is a little neon fishie named Flamboyo, and then Joel named my little black and silver fish Abe. haha, I dont know why but he did. So, Im up to 6 fish now!

Ive been stressing out so bad lately, and I thank God that Rick has been so wonderful and patient through it all, I mean last night I just started to cry out of nowhere and I didnt want to talk. Anatomy is killing me and I feel like Im constantly studying for it and my grades arent showing it at all, which is so hard for me. My grades in lecture average around a 78, which isnt great, I know but you dont understand my teacher. Im just glad Im not failing. For lab, those lab practical grades are another story. Im trying, I promise, its just like.. I have so much on my plate, and I need to make this work!!!

In the fall Im in the nursing curriculum so I need to kick some ass, its my goal.

Im Out

-Mario Vasques was and will be my all time favorite from this year.

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