Tuesday, March 29, 2005

dun dun dun

Abe is dead. He died sometime last week. He was floating on the top of the tank and the other fish were playing with his body. Its kind of funny because Courtney said at least the other fish arent sad and mourning, they have already moved on to playing games with the body. haha. I flushed him, then realized shortly thereafter that I had the receipt and could have gotten a refund. Damn the man. It was only what, 1.88 but come on! Still!

I bought 2 fish last night, The Rock (he has a pink eyebrow, reminded me of the Rock) and then Stinky, hes a zebra tetra. Cute Cute. They all seem to be getting along which is good. I never knew that cleaning a fish tank could be so hard! Rick and I did it the other night, which was completely horrible. We did it though, after some arguing and confusing moments, it all worked out and the tank is cleaner!

Im so excited! I start clinicals in the fall and I can finally get rid of DQ. Excited excited excited!!! Clinicals are going to be hard but Im ready for that challenge. After one semester I can be a CNA so I will get out there and learn stuff first hand and get paid for it better then Im getting there. I was looking at the rubber shoes I need and they are like $100!!! Holy. I better start saving up. My mom and dad said that since I bought my LV purse I can buy my own shoes and scrubs. Not Impressed. I will have to beg.

This week is vacation week which is defintely needed. Ive been sleeping until 9 ish every day and I work here and there. I just needed a break to let me head rest because all I have been doing is studying like mad. School is insane.

Well thats all for now! Catch ya later :)

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