Wednesday, April 06, 2005

if you voted bush...

This week has been a good work week, which is interesting because that usually never happens. Something inside of me has triggered and instead of stressing out and worrying about everything I say or do, I have been just letting loose and having a good time, and it seems like everyone around me has been enjoying it. Maybe that has been my problem the past couple of months, maybe I have been so wound up with school and work I just let my personality go a bit. It sucks to think that happened, but I honestly think it did. I seem to be happier right now, which is what I need and I think I need to stop taking every single thing in life so serious, and remember that Im only 20 years old and I can let loose every now and again.

Vacation was good, I rested for most of it which was extremely enjoyable. I worked only about 20 hours, instead of the normal 30-32, and I had no class. I studied a bit though, hard not to, but I tried for the most part to just have a relaxing week. Only 5-6 more weeks of class and summer will be here. I keep telling myself that but Im worried. I have one class, my Politics and Gov't class that Im not doing well in at all. My first exam was a 53 because I wrote my essay wrong. What an old prick. Hes such a jerk. He tells us that Bush is the reason we are in so much debt because he doesnt believe in planned parenthood and mothers are sucking up welfare. He has used the term "colored people" used the N word.. its unreal. Hes old, and hes alone he says and has no family. Hmm... wonder why. Its horrible to think that I may not do well in his class because I voted Bush. He thinks anyone who voted for Bush is not a true American citizen. Can you believe the balls of this guy? What an asshole. Man, my dad would have a field day with him....

My fish tank water was really cloudy the other day so Rick and I emptied most of the water, and I put some stuff in it to get the cloudiness out.. and now it is yellowish green. Damnit. So tonight after I type up my Nutrition take home and study.. Im going to completely empty out the tank, clean the gravel and everything because I dont like the fact its all green, and my fishies must not like it either!

Thanks all for now, I have lots of stuff to do and no time to do it!

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