Sunday, April 24, 2005

what a day!

Yesterday was a riot. After I got out of work Amy and I headed up to UMO to go see Oppy and go to the mall. Amy and I were driving up there and I personally get lost in Bangor/Orono every time I go up there for some reason so I was depending on Amy to get us there. There were two exits we could have taken... and we took the wrong one BUT we got there! We ended up going through all of the Frat houses and Im like, we are lost in the frats.. exciting. Then, Amy found Oppys hall, and we made it!!! We got into the elevator with this guy.. who had a jug of ammonia (or ammonium as Amy calls it) and it was a bit weird, what did he need it for? Why would you just have a gallon jug full of ammonia? Odd. So we went to Oppys room, hung out there for a bit, then went to visit Julia which was fun fun stuff. Before Oppy was telling us she had hung out with this kid that she just met the night before, Tom, and I was like, "Lets go see him!" So we went to Knox!! :) :) It was a riot. We walked into Toms room while he only had boxers on and he was like, let me get some pants on, and Im like, Hey, Im Jill, dont worry I see guys without pants on all the time! What an introduction, I guess I wasnt even thinking. The intro must have been semi memorable because he remembered me at the end of the night!

We met some of Courtneys sisters while leaving Knox and we talked to them for awhile, and its really exciting to see the nice girls she has to spend time with. Makes me feel better knowing shes with them! We went to the mall and I twisted my ankle shopping, which was just great because i was wearing high boots but I still stumbled along.. I dont know how but I did. We bought some stuff and then ended up going to DQ before we went back to Oppys room. We hung out with Tom again (I LOVE HIM!! Hes such a nice guy!) and then Amy and I left to go home...

What a Saturday! Im so tired right now though, and usually today we go to Augusta to do laundry and whatnot, and Im just about dead to the world. I want to stay home!!!! But if we do we wont have any clean clothes :( Hm! Not sure what Im going to do!!

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