Sunday, June 19, 2005

Happy Fathers Day.. and...

Happy Birthday Amy!! :) 20 years old! wooo! :)
Galactica Gal!
Today is fathers day.. :) Rick and I went down to Augusta like we do every Sunday and did laundry at his dads, talked to him a bit and then we went to Old Navy where I dropped some serious cash for him to get some new summer clothes. He didnt have much and I wanted him to be comfortable when the weather is warm. I bought him some new boxers, undershirts, 3 pairs of shorts, a new bathing suit, 2 tee shirts, a polo shirt, 3 button up short sleeve shirts, and a pair of sandals. He made out quite nicely I believe. Hes so friggin cute it sometimes boggles my mind! :)
We then went to my parents and gave my dad his gifts. We bought him 2 birdfeeders and the stand for them to hang on. My brother bought him another birdfeeder and a movie. My mom bought him these amazing windchimes and stand. As you can probably tell my dad is all about our backyard and the birds so he seemed delighted with our gifts. We hung out there, and my cousins Kristina, Katie, and Elizabeth dropped by for an hour or so. It was nice getting to see them because they are just growing up so fast, makes me feel old.
Rick and I came home and Rick finished mowing the lawn and I came upstairs and swept and vacuumed. We went to Walmart and got some soda and some other stuff and thats my recap for the day! Lovely huh. Now Im going to go iron some clothes and pick up a bit more around here. I want this place to be in okay shape before I start my new job on Tuesday. Tomorrow Rick and I both have off together so its going to be nice to spend 2 days in a row together.. where in the future, this will be a rare occasion. Im going to miss all the time we spend one on one but Im going to be making good money and there are bills to pay so this is where I need to be. Plus, I think I will like being a CNA. Some people say its the dirty work, and its true, it is, but Im helping people and thats all that matters to me.
BTW, Random note but Courtney and I are going to BSB!! :) I know, we are 20. its sad, but we wont be the oldest there, there will be parents! :) Im excited!

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Amy said...

lol thanks hun!!!! Go Go Galactica!! Muhahaha

Hey BSB will rock! I totally would have gone with you guys if I didn't have to work in the morning *I know you do*.. but you don't live with parents breathing down your back 24/7!! lol oh wells!!! Hope you girls have fun! :-D