Monday, June 06, 2005

summah summah

Summer is going by a little bit faster than I had hoped it would. I love the idea of just basking outside in the sun and relishing every moment of sunshine that hits my body.. however... my summer just isnt like that. Im working at Charlies and DQ and today I had an interview to be a CNA trainee which means I would be working 7-3, 4 days a week and would be getting paid to learn how to be a CNA. It seems pretty good, especially where I would have a guaranteed 32 hours a week when DQ cant give me shit for hours. I need the money, I need to pay rent, my car, cable, cell, bills bills bills, and the 6 hours they gave me this week wont even cover my gas. Its ridiculous. The interview I had today went alright and she wants me to go to another one tomorrow at 9:30 at the nursing home I would be working in as I was training so I think thats a good sign, especially where if she didnt like me she could tell me that she was not interested. Im hoping things work out. I would work 32 hours there and my 16 or 20 at Charlies. I think I might have to say bye to DQ.

Saturday Ricks cousin Matt graduated high school and we went to his graduation. So proud am I. Okay, that sounded like Yoda. Haha. Random. Anyways, it was nice, hot as hell in there, but it was good for us to go and support Matty. I brought an airhorn to blow when he got his diploma, people needed to know that Matt is the best cousin ever. Well, hes not my cousin, but hes Ricks and I love him. Hes a good kid. Im excited about next year. He will be going to school about 5 minutes away from our apartment so I have a feeling we will be seeing more of him. Its weird to think that the last one I know to graduate from high school is my brother, and that will be next year. The next round of graduations are the college ones. I feel like im aging faster then anything. Oh well. I think I like growing up.

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