Sunday, July 10, 2005

4th of july and catching up!

The past week or so has been alright. My body is finally starting to get used to waking up so early. This morning I could sleep until noon if I wanted to and I was awake at 6 ready to go, but I made myself go back to sleep. I need those extra hours here and there to make up for the sleep Im missing in the week.

For the 4th of July Rick, Joel, Jake, Tyler, Phil, Jen, Josh, and I went to Canobie Lake Park in NH! It was the best day ever!!! We didnt get lost on the way down, which is a surprise and a change from last year. We were stopped in traffic because of a huge accident so that sucked but we made it off the highway to find an alternate route. We ended up seeing the accident and a dead body on the side of the road, which was a bit unsettling, but thats life, and the guy had 20 prior convictions so seeing it wasnt a huge surprise. However, its not something that we all wanted to see though. Anyways, we made it to Canobie and went on rides. We did the tilt-a-whirl, which is Ricks favorite.. and I like it alot too :) We did that, and did the bumper cars!!!! woo!!! I was in such a slow ass car.. and we all went in at the same time. We were bumping as normal and this huge assclown man came and bumped me, made me fly almost out of my car and it cracked my neck and back. It hurt!!!!! Joel and Rick both saw and my brother was like, Holy shit he hit you so hard. It was funny though. I wasnt too traumatized because I went back in after. We did rides, then went and ate some lunch in our cars. Last yr we ate lunch there but we definitely learned our lesson! That food was gross!!! We lost Phil and Jake for about an hour. They were looking for a Britney Spears look-a-like. Ugh. Men. hahaha. We did the Boston Tea Party and then changed.. and drove home for the fireworks. At the fireworks we saw Tylers Mom Anita, his sisters Courtney and Laura, and Lauras son Colby! Joel and I stayed there for a bit and they gave us sparklers! :) Yes! Free fire! Then we hung out with Ashley, Ben, Oppy, Amy, and Derek for the rest of the fireworks show. All and all it was a good fourth! I didnt get tanned at all though, what a bummah!

Work is going well. I started working on the floor more at Glenridge, its not all class now, which is good because class gets really irritating at times because all you are doing is sitting, and you are in class for 6 hours straight. Its hard but the people for the most part are nice. On my second exam I got a 100. I know. Im a stud. Just admit it :) A lot is review for me so its nice. Im hoping that 101 in the fall will be that way too because I need to get some good grades you know? Charlies is okay. Joel got a job there too! Hes in the carwash.. and he works MTWF 430-730 and on Saturday 8-6 so we have basically some of the same shifts. Yesterday I picked him up and we went on our way to work. It was raining so Joels morning was basically shitty, which i felt bad for because who wants to be bored and cold.. but one of the guys from recon snatched him up and he helped over there, which I think made the day go by faster. Me on the other hand, work was the same thing. It was a short day for me. 8-6.. as opposed to 645-8. I came home after work, and Rick and I went to JCPenney, the gas station, to movie gallery, and then we had dinner at Friendlys. Yum. :)

Now Im going to go pick up my stuff, its everywhere! We are heading down to do laundry and go to my parents for the afternoon.. I need a relaxing day so I hope this is it!

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