Thursday, October 06, 2005

Dear God.

Yeah, its been awhile. I know.

I gave Charlies my 2 weeks notice yesterday. It makes me pretty sad to do it, but working at the nursing home gives me a lot of experience, which I need, and they pay better. I bet they are upset to be losing me because I'm *wonderful* but what can you do, I hope they didn't think I planned on working there the rest of my life, thats a hell no. Starting the 24th I am working Monday-Weds 3-8 and every other Saturday 3-8. Lovely. I am hoping that this will get some of my stress to go away, only one job.

School is going well. On my first nursing exam I got a 90!!! :) and my nursing math test today I got a 100. Its flippin sweeeet if you ask me! Please God let me get good grades!! haha :) Class is hard, I'm reading over 1000 pages of material a week and am spending my days off from school in the open lab trying to get everything done. I am having my first lab eval on Weds.

2 weeks ago I was in the ER with a bacterial pneumonia, kick ass huh? Yeah, it sucked. I was out of school and work for about a week and was on this horrible med that really beat me up. I am okay now, so thats good. My grandfather almost passed away 2 weeks ago. He went in to the hospital and had emergency surgery and they didn't think he was going to make it, but he did. He is still there right now and is stable, just not stable enough to go home.

What else. lets see. Rick and I are doing fine, we had our 3 year anniversary last month and are now seriously sitting down to discuss *The date* Thats right people, the day we will be married. He graduates next December most likely and I will be graduating in that following May.. and it is about time we plan a date and git-r-done!! :) We are thinking October.. but we arent sure yet. Right now I am watching the foliage to get an idea of when the best time the colors are at their peak.

Thats about it for now.

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