Sunday, September 18, 2005

Talk about..

a long time.

Been almost a month since my last post so let me update you on whats been going on.

Last week I quit the nursing home because they would not work around my hours, but they called me back and now I am working there. Haha. Its okay though, I missed a lot of the residents and I actually dont mind the job, its just hard to manage both school and 2 jobs. This past week I worked over 30 hours and I went to over 30 hours of school. Talk about a burn out week!! Im taking Nur 101 and Eng 102, which is an online course so that is saving me some time and some gas money for sure!!! Nursing seems okay for right now, our first test is next Monday. We have so much reading but what can you do, its a harder class I guess.

Before school started Rick and I went to the Windsor Fair and the Air Show *lovely pics* and had a good time. I want to do stuff with him because now with school I hardly see him at all. It feels like we are getting distanced... which is a scary feeling... but it happens with school and work every year. Im hoping this will go away though.

Well, Im going to help Rick with some homework and then maybe do some stuff around here before bed. Tomorrow starts another week of hell.. and to think, today was my only day off. Blah

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