Monday, August 29, 2005

God Bless Armand

I can't believe that the fall semester for Rick and I begins in exactly one week from today. It is complete madness. Im excited to get it started though, I have a good feeling about the semester to come! Im taking NUR 101 - Foundations of Nursing, and English 2... wooo. Everyones like, you are only taking two classes? But, NUR 101 is 9 credits.. so its going to be one hell of a hard class. I've already started to read a novel that we need to read for the english class.. Im starting early I tell you!!!

Lets see whats been going on. Last weekend Tyler, Alicia, Jen, Josh, Rick, Matt, and I went to Nashua New Hampshire. We went to Hooters and the mall. It was an okay day, nothing amazing though. In the restaurant everyone was like chain smoking and it made me sooooooooooo sick to my stomach. After that, my day wasnt too pleasant but what can you do? I guess Im just not used to people smoking like that!

I've been working a lot... and last week Kirstans grandmother passed away. She was at the nursing home that I worked at. The day she passed I spent about 2 or so hours with her in her room just talking and whatnot.. I made sure she ate a little something. The next morning at 6:30 when I got into work I saw that she had passed the prior night at 9:30. I sat with her the day she passed. It was a bit eerie at first but then I thought about it. This is one of my best friends grandmothers, and she deserves a bit of time with someone. She was nothing but pleasant and was talking to me very coherantly. It was an honor to spend some of her last hours with her. Today Courtney and I met up with Bethany at her funeral. It was a nice service. I was doing alright through the whole thing but then I saw Armand, Kirstans grandfather, and I broke out. I could not hold it in. He is probably one of the sweetest men I have ever met, he cares about so many people.. and it was hard to see him in pain like this. Him and Polly had been married for 57 years.... it is a remarkable love story that one can only wish comes true.... We followed the family to the cemetary and when I walked in Armand saw me for the first time and he grabbed my hand and hes like " Theres my Jill, theres my Jill" I started crying... but it warmed my heart because everytime I saw him at the nursing home I would always tell him how she was doing and that I was spending lots of one on one time with her. God Bless Armand.. and his whole family. Kirstan and Tawnia.... I love you both and I know that its difficult.. but I am here whenever you may need me. Rest in peace Polly.

Other than that.. not to much is going on. I am now a CNA :) Woo. I go from getting paid 6.35 to 8.54! Thank God.. about friggin time! I start my orientation tomorrow, so Im hoping it goes well!!

Thats all for now!

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