Tuesday, August 17, 2004

too tired

I havent updated in a few days so I'll just give a little update before I head to bed.

This weekend on Saturday I hung out with Amy, Danielle, and Courtney. We met at the beach then hung out for a bit at Danielles. It was nice getting to see some of my friends again before school starts because I dont think that I will see them as often as I hope. On Sunday Joel, Erica, Tyler, Nharra, Luc, Phil, Eric, Jenna, Josh and Jennifer came up to watch wrestling. We ordered 9 pizzas and everyone stayed over until about 11, except for Joel who stayed the night.

Other than that all I have done is work it feels like. Eh. Its okay I guess. I need the money. I have had a couple of job interviews and Im waiting to hear from them because when winter comes around I will need a place that can give me more hours. Blah. I am so tired, I need rest!

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