Saturday, September 04, 2004

when it rains, it pours

Its been awhile... almost over 3 weeks since I have last updated. The past month has been pretty great. I hung out with my girls and played poker :) We had a blast.. or at least I did. Im not the best at the game but we are going to make sure we play again whenever we all are home and whatnot.

School started this past Monday and I havent stopped stressing out since. Work scheduled me 35 hours, and I got another job at Charlies Motor Mall, doing reception :) Im so pumped that I got that job because for the longest time I have been searching for a desk job. I like DQ, yeah, but with this I can be promoted and I like knowing that my job isnt just a dead end job. School seems alright, wicked hard though. Im not quite sure how Im going to pull it off, but Im sure going to try. My biology lecture seems great, I love it already. Lab blows. Management is kind of lame, but the teacher is a froot loop to say the least. Human Development is okay.. and same with Government. I have such a full load. I was planning on volunteering at the hospital on Sundays but Im not sure if I will have the time. My parents said not to work more than 25 hours a week.. and Im really pushing it.

I got some of my blood results back and Im petrified to say the least. Rick says not to worry and to keep my chin up but its so fucking hard. I dont even think he can begin to understand how scary hearing that stuff can be. I can deal with low thyroid, and this whole polycystic ovary disease and the chance of not having children, but a tumor too... Im about done. I dont know and I PRAY that theres nothing there, but its always me to assume the worst and Im trying to change that but I guess one thing at a time. The worst part of all of this is waiting. I have to wait until the 14th for my MRI. Blah. I feel like a ticking time bomb. I know that I must be overreacting but thats kind of how I feel. Im just me...

Well, Joe took my shift tomorrow so I have it off, Thank goodness for that child, he was my lifesaver. I baked him cookies :)

Its almost 1 so I should get some much needed rest...


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