Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Flash has arrived!

Thats right, you read that right! My beloved kitty Flash is here! After some persuasion from my mother, the people let me take him a few days early :) Hes a riot let me tell you. My brother loves him, which is good, so Im hoping now that I have a kitty, Joel will be more apt to come visit and all, especially where I dont see him nearly enough.

Im so stressed out its making me sick, literally. I left work today 4 hours early. Its like, right now I just cant STAND stress. Ive been getting these really horrible headaches and it just seems like Im fighting a losing battle you know? Joel keeps on telling me to take vitamin c capsules lol, hes a fruit.

I have 3 exams this week. Today I had an American Government one, which kicked my ass. I felt like I studied for hours and hours on end and I really dont feel I did any better than a C maybe, if Im lucky. On Thursday I have 2, Biology Lecture and then Principles of Management. I feel Im pretty set for Bio, but for management, oh goodlord. I made a zillion notecards the other night while working so I should start studying them but its just like, I cant. Blah.

Courtneys coming home this weekend for the cony homecoming game so I hope I get to see her. Danielle was home last weekend and we hung out for a bit, watched tv, nothing too exciting, but I was so drained. I felt like I had hours and hours of work to do and no time to do it.

Well, Im talking to a zillion people here so im going to get going!!

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