Sunday, October 03, 2004

You give me fever...

...and thats what I had today a fever!! Bummer. Rick and I did a bunch of stuff today and I think I might have overdone it just a bit. We dropped off laundry at his fathers and then we went apple picking, shopping, and then to my parents house. When I got to my parents I felt pretty bad but lately, Im getting used to it. There hasnt been a day that has gone by in the past few weeks where I havent felt completely shitty. My mom insisted that I take my temp so I did and it was over 100. Lovely. Got to love that.

Why the hell do I stress out so much? I dont even realize that Im stressing out. Last week I had 3 exams, American Government, Principles of Management, and Biology Lecture. I think I did alright on Bio, but for the other 2, I might need a miracle people. I had to work 9-3 at DQ on Tuesday and I left at 11, I felt so horrible it was unbelieveable. Everyone who I saw that morning asked me what was wrong so I guess people could tell. Blah. I just wish I could learn how to de-stress myself you know?

Im waiting for news from the doctor about all my blood work. My MRI came back normal *thank God* but they said they had to send away for my blood work and it will be another week or so until I get it. Im not pleased at all because I want to figure out what the hell is going on with me.

Lately, a lot has been going on with me and no one really knows.. or understands for that matter. I was thinking that maybe I needed to go to a counselor or something and me admitting that makes me feel like hey, Im fucked up. Its not that Im you know, thinking of doing anything drastic but there are things that Im angry about, things that I need to vent to someone and I would prefer them to not know my friends or family and just them help me. A friend of mine told me that maybe I should talk to a friend about it, and I do talk to them, its not that. I just feel as though I need to talk to someone else....

What to do. What to do.

Well, I guess I'll go work on my lab report or something.

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