Monday, October 11, 2004

Long weekend

Well, its Columbus day and I have no school. I have to work at Charlies at 430 but its okay, I need the money in the worst way. I have bills to pay and Christmas is in about 2 months so I need to get going on that.

Friday I received my results for the blood tests I had about a month ago and I have low thyroid and Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. Great. They are sending me two prescriptions for medications that should start treating both issues. Im a bit scared... okay, Im lying. Im scared out of my mind but Im glad they finally figured out what is wrong with me. After all, its only been, what, 8 months?

Saturday I worked at Charlies from 8-12 then I worked at DQ 1230-6. Courtney called me and told me that one of our friends Sean got into a pretty bad car accident. I was shocked. I couldnt cry, I couldnt do anything. I was just in this state of shock and I didnt know what to do or what to say. I felt horrible because she was so upset, which I can understand, and I was just.. not responsive. Its like, I knew I heard what she said but I couldnt internalize it. It ended up hitting me that night when on the 10 oclock news I saw the car... saw the accident. Emotions overcame me and since then they have not stopped. Sean, we love you and all of us are praying.

Sunday Rick and I both had the day off together. Thank God we have a single day where we both dont have to work or dont have class. We ended up cleaning the apartment better than its ever been cleaned before. Seriously, its unreal. We packed up all of our laundry, which was like 5 bags full and left for Augusta around 130. We went to his dads to do laundry and then we went and hung out at my parents. We watched the game, ate dinner, played Halo with Joel and Tyler and thats about it. We left there around 7:45 and when we got home we put away all the laundry, cleaned up a bit after that, and I watched Desperate Housewifes. What a dork I am.

Well, thats all. I have about 4 hours until I have to leave and I have a lot of homework to do so Im going to get at it!


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