Friday, October 08, 2004

Cant Sleep!

Its about midnight and yeah, Im not in bed AGAIN! Blah. Its not like I have too busy of a day tomorrow, I have Human Development from 10-1245, then I have to run some errands and then Im working 330-8. Lovely day.

Its weird that when I have to work at Charlies I dread it. I like the job, I guess Im just not completely comfortable there yet.

Ricks not feeling well :( my poor baby. He went to bed at like 9 so Im hoping he gets enough sleep to make him feel better. Hes too friggin cute, he fell asleep listening to music, all snuggled up with the electric blanket. *sappy sigh* I won the jackpot with that one.

So this is night #2 that Ive stayed up talking online, mostly with girls from home, primarily Courtney. What a nut that girl is. Im missing my girls from home, but many will be around town in the next couple of weeks so Im pleased with that.

JINGLE JINGLE JINGLE BELLS :) I am so pumped for Christmas its not even funny. Yeah, im nuts and am being completely random tonight. rock on.

Well, I guess Im going to call it a night

*In a moment, everything can change*

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Tara said...

Just wanted to tell you hello. I hope all is well.