Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Its been forever!

It feels like its been forever since I updated so let me tell you whats been going on! School has been going well, Ive been getting some pretty decent grades (with the exception of 1) so Im happy that all of my hard work has been paying off. My family is doing well, I see them at least once a week and I swear Im always on the phone with them haha. Oh well.

This past Sunday Rick and I ventured into Boston for a Metallica/Godsmack concert. Now, let me tell you how amazing that was. Godsmack.. oh goodlord. How hot is Sully? It was a great experience. I had never been to a heavy metal concert before so it was quite a change. The day in Boston kind of sucked though. The weather was just rain rain rain and that bummed us out a bit because I mean walking in Boston while its cold and rainy doesnt really make for an exciting day. We went to the science museum and we took some pictures of dinosaurs, this thing from Star Wars and DNA (rock on, I know. ) We then went to Quincy Market but by then it was almost downpouring so Rick and I hopped on the T, went back to South Station and caught a bite to eat before the concert. We ended up getting back in Waterville the next morning around 3 am. It was a pretty great day.

So i have been taking these meds for almost 2 weeks now and they are starting to adjust to my body because Im not getting as sick as i was before. Thank god!!!!!!

Flash is getting so big, I feel like a mommy.

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