Wednesday, September 15, 2004

in a moment...

everything can change...

Its been about 10 days since I last wrote anything, probably due to the fact that Im extremely busy and I barely have enough time to do anything else besides go to school, do homework, work, and attempt to keep my life sane.

Let me just update you on key parts of my life!

We celebrated our 2 year anniversary on the 13th! It was an exciting experience, especially where I have never been with anyone for so long. It has taken a lot of effort for us both to get to where we are today. This past weekend though him and I really just had a bad time. We fought so bad to the point where I threw up my hands, cried my eyes out, and left because I just didnt know what else to do. It frustrated me so much because I feel as though I have changed everything bad about myself to make myself a better person for Rick and sometimes I feel as though it is not a reciprocated thing you know? Im selfish. Yes. And I do expect things to change over night but I guess that is not how the world works you know? Him and I are fine now, which is the good news, but Im learning that as the months pass him and I will learn how to better deal with certain things amongst ourselves.

Viva Las Vegas!! My mom left for Vegas for a business trip yesterday and she sounds like she is having a blast so Im mucho happy for her. She should be back Friday morning. Joels a riot, hes really growing up to be a funny guy, which im happy about because it gives me someone to go to who can understand me on a certain level. My dad is a big sweetie. On Tuesday I had my MRI which was so horrible, I will NEVER NEVER NEVER have one again, it hurt sooooooooooooo bad. My dad ended up coming with me to Lewiston to have it so I didnt have to be alone. Im so scared about this whole doctor issue thing that I really dont want to go anymore, but I need to learn what is wrong.

Work is going alright. Im not working much at DQ anymore, and the only draw back of that is that I dont see the people I like there, which is a major bummer. Im hoping Jenna and I can hang out a bit, especially where are apartments are about a mile apart. I start Charlies reception on Friday night and Im petrified!!!!! I hope it goes well, and if it doesnt, then what can I do right? School is hectic and I feel as though Im always in class and always reading or making note cards but I keep on telling myself... 2 more years... 2 more years...

Well, I should get to bed where I open at DQ tomorrow, 9-1215. Then I have Bio Lecture 1-345 and then Principles of Management 4-645. Oh great. I hate Thursdays.

- Jill

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