Sunday, August 08, 2004

sick tummy :(

Whats up!

Nothing too much going on here just got done watching a couple of movies with Rick and now Im going to go fold laundry and pick up the place because its a mess.

I went to work today and worked for a whole 2 hours. Yeah. Something is wrong with me. Im constantly dizzy and I feel sick to my stomach. My dad just had a flu like this though and a few people at work were complaining about the same sort of thing so my guess would be that somethings going around.

Rick picked me up from work today and we just cuddled on the couch. That boy can make me feel better by doing the littlest of things and thats amazing to me. I ended up falling asleep before the end of the movie but waking up to Rick is a treat everytime. I love him :)

I just got off the phone with Heidi from work. What a sweet girl that is. When I told someone I talked online to people I work with she thought I was crazy. I dont get it I guess. I really do like people I work with, enough to talk online with, enough to call, and hey, enough to spend my time with. Heidi is one of those girls, shes great and she knows if she needs anything Im here.

Well, Im off to go do whatever I need to do and then Im off to bed because Im waking up with Rick for his doctors appointment.


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