Friday, August 06, 2004

Late Night Monopoly and Pizza

Blah, Im tired.

Last night Jennifer and Josh came upstairs around 945 to play Monopoly. If you didnt know, Jennifer is Ricks older sister, Josh is her boyfriend, and they live in the first floor apartment under us. The game went to about 1AM and Rick won, of course. Jen was the bank and kept putting money into her own, not even realizing it. I definitely think she needed to go to bed. It did seem odd that she had over 1500 dollars :)

So, its about 11 now and I just woke up. I have to work 4-10 tonight and I dont want to whatsoever. Im just not feeling well and there will be no way that someone will take this shift so yep, Im going to work. I open tomorrow too so that sucks. I was thinking of trying to find someone to take that shift instead, so maybe, just maybe, that is what I will try to do.

Me working though I think has really formed some rifts in my relationships so to speak. I dont see my friends nearly as muchas I thought I would and I think there are a few of them that are getting pissed about it. I work 30-40 hours a week AND live in Waterville and they get upset if I dont make plans or go out of my way to see them. Come on. Its a two way street you know? Danielle is the only one who has called me this summer on a regular occasion and its great to at least talk to someone time to time you know? I just wish some of my friends would grow up and realize that Im not living at home and I need to pay for everything here and not get so angry about it. But then again, some of them are just angry because well, they just are. They have to be something right? I dont mean to upset anyone by that, but that is how I feel. You get upset that people make plans without you, but you are never the one to make the plans. So make the plans, and hey, invite me if you want. It just sucks when you IM someone online and get one word responses, if any response at all.

Well, Im going to get going. I need to find another class to take in the fall and if I dont do it soon, there will be no classes left to take.


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