Friday, August 06, 2004

Im sleeping in tomorrow!

I got tomorrow off!! :) *Sorry Heidi* I called Chris and he took my shift, thank God. I havent been really feeling that well today and I just wanted tomorrow off. Call me selfish, call me whatever you want, but I have the day off tomorrow and I am happy! Only problem is my hours this week are down to like 21. Oh well. I worked 40 last week and 40 next week so having a slow week for me is okay, Im not about to complain. I cant just work. If you want to do something call me :)

Tonight I had a wonderful shift, I loved pretty much everyone there. Heidi and Ang are wicked fun people to work with so that made the night go by much faster, especially when all we did was laugh. I think we annoyed a few people just because when I laugh a lot I dont work so yeah, I need to work on that. Nights like these make me want to work there, just too bad we didnt have like *assigned* work groups because if Heidi and Ang were in mine, I would work 40 hours with no complaints.

Well, Im going to grab a quick bowl of cereal and head to bed. Ricks already sleeping his head away and Im just going to go in a cuddle him a bit. I wonder if guys need that, cuddling I mean. I know that means a lot to me, and I mean Rick has told me that it does but I really wonder you know? Okay, maybe Im having an off moment.



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