Saturday, May 09, 2009

black nail polish

makes me feel sexy right now... and feeling sexy for me is a rare thing so let me relish in this moment!

Today I had my neurology appointment and I want to thank everyone for your messages, comments, millions of text messages (ahem Mia ) but thank you for your concern... and of course.. Thank you Rick for driving me because I need someone to cart my ass around. Glad we had "Maggie" aka "Megan" our fantastic GPS with us. Haha. The neurologist started me on a new medication for epilepsy.. yeah I know huh.. crazy. They might need to have me do a week long observation in Lewiston but we shall see. NO cancer though.. NO tumors.. nothing so Thank God about that. The only draw back with this new medication is the side effects and one of the huge side effects is insomnia.. which isnt really something I need but it is what it is hence me writing this at 3 am. If it stops me from passing out I am all for it. Last night I passed out in the shower and hit my elbow pretty hard. Oh well, I'm glad Rick was there to pull me up and take care of me. I guess maybe sometimes I dont thank him enough... maybe I take him for granted... take him as my own bitching post where if I am sad/frustrated/pissed/scared.. I unleash it on him, and it isnt fair, it isnt but I trust him 100% and he is my rock.

Rick, I love you and thank you for everything even though my words and actions may not show it. Look at all this wedding stuff I am doing, this should just give you some idea of how much you mean to me!!!

So I started back tanning and got a sweet burn, it sucks. It will go away in a few more days but it doesnt feel good whatsoever. It isnt just to make me tan, which I like... but the UV light from the booth itself it therapeutic to me... and it always has been, even my mom agrees with me... so I went.. and burned a bit but it was a nice feeling. Oh you know what else rocks??? Since my mom bought my wedding dress a couple of months ago... I am down over 20 pounds. Holy shit. I feel like sometimes I have been trying to lose it, sometimes not.. but its coming off. The doctor says to constantly monitor it and do daily morning weights so that is what I am going to do.

Alright.. well I am going to finish this up.. might write tomorrow... but I am feeling out of thoughts for the moment

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