Thursday, May 28, 2009

Update time.

It has been almost a few weeks since I blogged.. and let me tell you things havent really been boring there has been lots going on so I think I am just going to break things into categories.

Wedding: Things are certainly coming along! Rick and I are weeks out from ordering our invitations which is really exciting. We found the perfect ones and I couldn't be happier. I have all the bubbles decorated, the decor that will go around the unity candles, I have the pew bows started (phase 1 of 4 done), we have most all decor, my gown of course (which is big now!), and we pretty much have our wedding ceremony with all the readings picked out. We planned on going to this marriage prep course in June but with everything going on around my health (read below) I think we are going to have to take the class offered in November. Oh well, we do what we need to do.

Health: My health is up in the air. The doctors are still trying to figure out why I am collapsing and passing out and my neurologist is admitting me into the hospital for a week starting June 8th. I am not excited. Some people are like, thats awesome you miss a week of work but I am literally scared. I dont want to have 26 electrodes glued to my head. I cant have a tv in my room or have anything plugged in because it messes up with the transmissions. Basically I can read, bring a laptop (too bad this one doesnt hold a fucking charge) my mp3 player.. and Im trying to see what and how I can charge my mini dvd player so I can watch movies or something. Those 4 days are going to be hell. I cant leave my bed. Ugh. I hope they figure out whats wrong with me so I can get shit figured out.

Work: I am getting better at work which is a miracle. I always take critique well, I dont push back I just embrace it and try to make it work for me and because of that in the past month I have lowered my call times, I have improved my quality.. I am really happy with where I am. My goal is to just become a better rep because in all honesty, I would like to be off the phones in Learning and Development helping with training and advancement in the company. We shall see. I dont know. It really is something I would want, I think I am getting better with the systems but I want to get off the phones. I gave myself a year and a half as a goal.. and I am 6 months in and I am seeing improvement so that is all that matters.

Friends/Family: Today, well technically yesterday was my parents 26th wedding anniversary so Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad! Love you Both. Joels working and living in Portland.. working his ass off. We talk here and there while hes working but besides that, our schedules kind of conflict. I hope I see him soon! Friend wise things on that front are going well. I have amazing ones that I havent seen in awhile, sorry guys :( But soon we all need to go out. I do though know I have lost a friend or seriously hurt a friendship, which is hard and I have apologized to her many times but I guess we will see if time heals that wound. I hope it does, our friendship would be 21 years old next year. Who knows if it will get to that. Its just sad. I hate that feeling, of seeing someone you care about fall away from your life, it breaks my heart to be honest with you but you never know what will come of all this. Maybe things will get better? I sure hope they do.

And thats all for right now.

If I come up with something more... I will update again! Maybe I will be in that sort of mood tonight, who knows.

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