Thursday, May 14, 2009

Metal means... fuck.

This kid here... means the world to me...
I am so terrified, I won't lie at all. I don't really like crying about it or showing how scared I am but this passing out/collapsing/blacking out deal needs to stop. The neurologist started me on a medication for epilepsy and I keep on passing out. I smell metal usually right before/after it happens. Weird I know. It is a nice heads up though that I am going to fall down. Emotionally though... I am already down and trying to get back up. I got a call today to get another CT scan and some bloodwork done so I did all of that before work and ugh, I am so completely frustrated. I will be waiting for a call tomorrow with results and hope they call, if they dont.. man I will be pissed.
Alright well... I am going to watch a movie.. and wow.. whats is up with the season finales of shows? Lost fucked my mind up, The office was great with Pam being pregnant! and Greys.. well... was horribly sad and I cried. Whatever. Rick makes fun of me sometimes just because they arent real people etc but Danielle TOTALLY understands where I come from!
I love Forgetting Sarah Marshall.. maybe it is just because of Russell Brand. Hmmm...

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