Friday, January 16, 2009

can you believe

that in one year... 365 days.. it will be Rick and my wedding day. Holy shit. RUN! haha. I'm just kidding but it is making me realize that I need to start getting my ass in gear. I need to get our engagement pictures done, I need to start actually looking at dresses, ah!! We have picked our locations, invites, cake etc.. so at least we have started things.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all, you have been great friends and I hope you had a wonderful holiday. You wouldn't believe what I woke up to. Rick got a call that someone had HIT my car PARKED in the DRIVEWAY. What the fuck. We went and looked and ouch, poor Oliver (yes, that is the name of my car). I am thankful though that the owner of the pickup truck that hit me was honest enough to call the police, do the report etc because today I called their insurance and ended up with a loaner and my car is getting towed to a body shop in the morning. Check out the damage. It is so sad!

I start T-Mobile on Sunday and am super nervous, but I will be fine... I just want to get all this car stuff behind me!!

Alright... well I want to wrap a couple of gifts and relax a bit before bed. I took a nap at Rick's Nana's today and am not tired yet. Soon though.. maybe?

Again, hope you all had a wonderful holiday and realized what you were thankful for, I did.

original post.. 11/29/08

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