Friday, January 16, 2009

Santa brought me my first Michael Jackson jacket..

he brought me one too... HEY, me too! threesome!!' - Bam, Novak, Frantz

Where the fuck is Santa is such a hilarious movie, if you like all the Bam shit then this is right up your ally. If you are like Rick and hate it.. then yeah it isnt for you. Just my disclaimer!!!
So another week has gone by.. and Christmas is less than a week away! Yay!! Random but I have 5997 views of my blog. Wow. I can't believe people actually take time out to read this shit. Great stuff. Yeah.. some have told me that I'm unforgettable, and I tend to believe them.
Yesterday Rick had his remicade and I wrapped my mom's Christmas gifts for my dad. Haha! He loves me and bless his heart but he can't wrap gifts for shit so either my brother or I wrap gifts for him so it was me this year! So after Rick was out of his infusion we spent the ENTIRE day.. literally.. to finish up shopping. We did all of the Atown stores and then had to go to Skowvegas to pick up Rick's Nana's gift because we couldnt find it anywhere in Augusta or H20ville. Go figure, it is always our luck. It was nice to spend some time with him though even though he was a bit groggy from the infusion and we got to look at Christmas lights on homes.. which is one of my most favorite things to do in the Christmas season. OH and I finished Rick's shopping, finally!!! And I bought my bestest a lovely gift and I picked up some stuff for New Years, cant wait!!

Work is going well, we have all sorts of assessments this week.. and Im nervous but it will be alright, I will get it done!!!

And yeah... that is my little update for the week.

original post 12/20/08

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