Saturday, November 22, 2008

My Weekly Update

This week was uneventful. To be honest with you, it wasn't horrible, just uneventful. They are still doing my background check for TMobile and I am going to call Monday to get the status of it. When talking to the HR manager she said that they are waiting on it to come back and that things should be set for the November 30th class, so I am crossing my fingers and toes that once my background check comes back they will call me in, ask for my 2 sources of documentation, have me do all my tax forms etc, and will hire me on. I hope hope hope that is what is going on because I have no other prospects at this moment other than the hospital in Lewiston but that has been put on the back burner until I hear back from TMobile. Monday will give me insight on what I need to do.

Yesterday and today Rick and I have been "decking the halls" (corny huh) of the apartment, hanging Christmas lights in every room, putting up our Christmas tree and decorating the hallway into our apartment! Check out the pictures, too cute! I love Christmas way too much but I think it is certainly one thing that my Aunt Jo-Lee (Dads sister) and my grandmother (Dad's mom that I never had the chance to meet because she passed away years ago) have in common with me. My Aunt said that her and her mom used to go all out for Christmas because that was her favorite holiday and it makes me wonder if that is where I get my Christmas love from, my grandmother. I wish I would have known her, my dad says we would have gotten along so well; both talkers, love purses, getting dressed up, and love being strong women. I think that the day I meet her in Heaven will be fantastic, it could give me insight onto who I am as a person.

Rick's mom flew over from England today and will be here through the holiday into the beginning of December. We will be going to see her and she is staying at Rick's Nana's so hopefully we will see her more!

So, I am dying to see Twilight but I havent read the books yet so I wont but I keep seeing the movie trailer and am just jumping to see it! Another movie that came out I want to say a few years ago, The Holiday, I watched this week and fell in love with it... well Jude Law to be more honest with you! Haha. It was such a great holiday movie.. not all about gifts and stuff like that. It was adorable. As I talk about a cute movie, I am watching The Descent, not really a lovey movie. Haha. I'm a dork.

And that is all for now... hopefully the next time I blog I will have great news about a job but until then... I am off to wrap gifts.



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