Wednesday, November 05, 2008


This is not what I intended
I always swore to you I'd never fall apart
You always thought that I was stronger
I may have failed, but I have loved you from the start
Really rough week, we were broken into and it has completely shaken me to the core. I am not weak, I am not someone who runs away, but I have cried just because I just dont like the feeling of knowing someone else other than those I know and trust have walked through my home. Once when I was younger, around I want to say 14 someone tried breaking into my parents house.. and I got him out. Who knows if he had any ill will towards us.. but he was from a halfway house but it was still enough to make me terrified. I was a child. I am an adult now and I shouldnt be so jumpy.. so scared, but I am. I feel like I should be stronger for Rick.. stronger for myself, but part of my wants to curl up in a ball for a bit and try to get over this. I will, I know I will, in my own time get past this. I wish I could focus on what was lost but I still feel the need to get comforted. If that makes me weak, then.. so be it.

The economy blows still, I have no job. I applied with 2 different staffing agencies and I actually had an interview with St Mary's Hospital in Lewiston working in the OR. It is a great opportunity but I havent heard back and I wont know for at least 2 weeks because the nurse care manager is interviewing 8 or so people for each of the 4 positions she posted for. It is frustrating because I am playing this waiting game but I am praying and hoping for the best.

Yesterday was a monumental day in history, the USA voted in our first African America President. I personally have no problem saying who I voted for... haha. The only down side of Bush leaving office, yes, there is a downside, is that we are going to have no more Bushism's. If you dont know what I am talking about, go google Bushisms and you will get a shitload of them taken from actual Bush meetings and they are fantastic. I dont think we are going to have the same fun making fun of our president with Obama in office. Who knows though? Mccain and Palin would have made for some funny political jokes. Next time I am voting for Stephen Colbert.

Well, thats all for now...

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