Saturday, April 25, 2009

kind of...

a crazy few weeks. First off, if you all know me and have been reading my stuff you know I am actively planning a wedding and... have 4 bridesmaids. Well Courtney is no longer in the party and my friend Erica is taking over her position which is wonderful because no questions asked she said she would do it, that we were like family, and it was a very warm and welcoming feeling. Releasing someone from your wedding party because of lack of communication and asking someone else to take their place without any warning is scary and Erica didnt even flinch. Thank you Erica, it means alot to not just me, but Rick as well.

Work, is work, just that. I have nothing really much to say, working on getting better and thats pretty much it. Getting closer to people in my team which I know my coach is completely pushing for so it is what it is. Wedding stuff is going fantastic, oh yeah and Erica bought her dress this weekend which means ALL my girls have their gowns now. I couldnt be more excited. I am very blessed with kick ass friends. I can only imagine the sort of bachelorette party in store because.. I have a feeling serious alcohol may be involved and Erica can peer pressure Jen hahaha and Amy and I together, well yeah stuff just happens, I mean I got Amy to get a drink at lunch Friday. Oh and speaking of Friday I went out with Amy and we went to lunch and a movie, which was much needed. So much has been going on with me health wise.. and everything.. I just needed a moment to get out and be with my best friend. It was just what I needed. Jim, Amy's boyfriend says I can hang out with her 6 times then get one free, and that we need a punchcard system going on. What a fucking fruit. I dont know about Jim haha. I was looking at wedding bands and I think I MIGHT have found the perfect combo of what I want. We shall see, there is time!!!!

Other than that Rick and I have just been spending as much time together as we can, we have hung out with Jen and Josh a few nights in a row and have been just keeping to ourselves for the most part. Alot is going on.. sort of. Haha. Yeah, that didnt exactly make sense but neither do I.Alright so other than the bridesmaid run around that I am THANKFUL is over (too much drama) things have been pretty laid back, which is what I like. And yep, that is about it. I should get to sleep soon but I'm not really tired yet. Its still pretty warm in the apartment. It got over 80 degrees today and being on the 3rd floor the heat just rises. I know by 9am the bedroom is going to be so fucking hot. I am not excited. I wish we would have brought the fan up. Oh well.


*I am watching Twilight! mmmmmm and I bought new fishies!!! 4 of them, 2 guppies, one Edward and Bella.. the 2 neon tetras Alice and Jasper. Shut up! <3

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