Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Ricks 22nd bday

So on Saturday I threw a party for Rick. Lets see who came... Phil, Erica, Tyler, Amy, Derek, Kirstan, Joel, Jen and Josh. Not sure if Im forgetting anyone but its possible. Oh yeah, my parents did stop by because they went out to dinner for their 22nd wedding anniversary! Congrats to them. We had a good time.. some stuff happened that I dont think I'll go into but we had an okay time for the most part. Phil was drunk by 7:30, it was great. Amy was my favorite. She tripped going into the kitchen and was like, I just tripped and fell into the Galactica.... which sounds like star wars. Then I smacked her in the face with my boob and shes like, Showing a boob is like showing a chocolate chip cookie.... odd one. It was so weird though, after an hour of resting, Amy sobered up like no other, what a champ!!!!

I posted pictures from the party on my webshots thingie.

Lets see what else is happening.. not too much actually. Im pretty bored right now but I have to work at 430 so I guess thats okay. Today is the last day in May and my 2 weeks off from school have gone by really fast, so Im hoping the rest of my summer vayk wont... especially where I havent done anything really because of all of this damn rain. It gets me so tired and sad I hate it. I want some sunny weather.. and then some beach days...

Sometimes you cant change things.. or people for that matter and thats hard, especially when you desperately wish them to. We are all desperate at times, for certain things that maybe we cant even begin to describe. Life does that to us. We are thrown into the middle of a crowded room.... on a rollercoaster of a ride, and are expected to survive the punches thrown at us. Im tired of surviving those punches... I want a break from it all. Sit me down, let me breathe and let me hope for a calmer tomorrow. Will it come? I pray it.

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Amy said...

Yeaa!! I think I sobered up because I was done drinking by like 10:30 so from like 10:30-1:30 I sobered..LOl oh man thats so weird! Usually I wake up in the morning and im still like wooooo!! Fun night though haha..the galactica...galapagos?? The world may never know!! :-D teeheee i love youuu!