Monday, August 03, 2009


It's been awhile and my medication that I had to start taking again and it is keeping me up so I figured I would get on here and update and post a blog. I'm going to just basically write it out in categories of my life just to highlight them.

Work: Work is going well and I picked realignment shift so I am working Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 12-11 as of Aug 23rd. I am staying with my same coach (this shift was my first choice) and to make it even better my zen person of my team, Tony, is following him and is staying on the team with me so I will have someone I know, like and respect to shoot the shit with there. That alone makes work better. I would have been fine if I didnt know anyone on the team because I am trying to advance career wise but having Tony makes the transition easier! Seeing the rest of the team split up is kind of bitter sweet but its okay.

Health: I am alive but with that being said I am not feeling as well as I would hope. I had been feeling better but for the past week or so getting dizzy and unsteady has been something I have experienced each day. I am going to my primary doctor on Wednesday and then the neurologist the 14th and then the cardiologist at the start of September. On top of that... I have 6, yes 6 cavities and the dentist is going to be able to buy something pretty with the amount of cash I am paying him. Oh well, my teeth need to be in good condition and having that many cavities (and one root canal, fuck) isnt fun at all.

Wedding: Things are crazy. I cant believe the wedding is getting so close! We have so much done but still so much to do. I honestly, and this is going to sound probably super stupid and cliche, but I am just ready to be married to Rick. I mean as of next month we will be celebrating our 7 year anniversary.. and it is something I really want. I am thrilled, excited, nervous and anxious for November 28th! Last night I started envisioning me walking down the aisle with my dad and I am laying in bed... and I can feel my heart start racing and it is like wow. just wow. It hit me. I am getting married and couldnt be happier.

This fall is going to be a wild ride.. I am going to be working full time, going to school full time and getting married. Am I crazy? Perhaps. Do I enjoy putting stress on myself? Perhaps. Would I change anything? Never.

Alright, I am going to do some yoga and try to get some sleep. Sleep hasnt come easy and hasnt been good quality so I need some!

xoxo ~Jill

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