Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Do you think that ppl w/ the last name Cullen are popular now?

For Twilight being classified as a "lower budget" movie.. their wardrobe budget couldnt be THAT tight.. Rosalie has some killer Gucci and Prada shoes. Man.. gorgeousness. I am super jealous and super not rich. Go figure. I think they should give girls with expensive taste the money to go along with it. Just my thoughts on that one!

I know it has been forever since I last blogged, my sincerest apologies, but things have been busy. Number one priority right now has been keeping things going and tieing up some loose ends wedding wise when it comes to vendors. Just have the dj left... things on that are looking good. The invitations came in! I have been playing around on how to put everything together before they go in the envelope. Good thing I have a couple of months to experiment more and figure out what I really like. Also bought the ribbon and such to finish off the pew bows, now I need to find a yard stick.. and finish those... and box them away. I have all these little projects that need to be completed. Its hard to imagine that in 5 months I will no longer have my last name, and I will be married. It is a very difficult thing for me to wrap my mind around I wont even lie there but I am excited I can say that. Not for just a wedding, even though it is very long in the making, but for everything after. Its time to officially start our lives together even though we have been together 7 years. Getting married after 7 years dating.. hmm good luck? I am going to say yes and go with it!!

Work is going well, busy but well. Changes make that job wicked interesting because one second you have something down pat and then 2 days later a policy could have changed and boom you need to go re evaluate everything in a conversation. It could kill you score wise but it keeps you on your toes to look at things. I am excited to get the mytouch training, its our new 3G phone... (the G2 essentially for all you tech savvy Tmob ppl) and seeing it kind of makes me want it. After the wedding!!! I actually am in love love love with the new sidekick in orchid. Maybe I will ask for it for Christmas! 6 months until Christmas people :) 7 months until my birthday... 2 months until Rick and my 7 year anniversary... 4 1/2 months until the wedding. Wow. I need to take a breath!!

Sleep lately has been very difficult. I have had to fall asleep listening to music for the past month and I am blessed to get 7 hours of sleep. Its enough yes, but there have been days I sleep my normal 7 hours and take two 2 hour long naps. I know my body is saying sleep more, but I just cant. It is extremely frustrating. I feel cranky. Glad that Rick though is supportive and just tells me to rest. Twitter frustrates me too!! You cant twit about ANYTHING political and not expect a backlash. I love the site but deleted a bunch of stooges who got upset with me because I simply might have said I didnt care about Iran because.. I dont like politics. I care about things yes, but I stay away from politics. Yep, not my thing. This past weekend when Rick, Jen and Josh went to my parents to help plant in the garden the guys got into a politcal conversation with my dad and poor Jennifer and I. Ah we should have received something Coach for enduring that.

Jasper Hale in Twilight, not so bad either. Sorry watching Twilight and got sidetracked. OH and another thing on my list, Nov 20th, New Moon!!! Good stuff is a comin!With this being said.. the wedding... I wish my Grampy and Memere were still alive. They will be there in spirit but it still hurts my heart. I am going to find ways to make them part of my day whether it be me eating a donut before the ceremony for Grampy to be getting my first rosary given to me by my Memere in my bouquet... it will work out. There will be some sort of memorial for them and for Rick's Grampa who passed a little over a year ago.

Alright well I am going to go play some stupid addicting games haha.

Simple thanks to my family.. Mom, Dad, Joel, Rick, Jen, Josh, Matt, Amy and Jim. You guys have gotten me through the past month and without you all I would be desperately lost.

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